Alan Shulik Provides Advice on How to Affordably and Easily Improve Your Photography Skills

Posted August 23, 2014 by pzmediainc1

Alan Shulik is a talented photographer who understands how costly it can be to pursue a hobby and/or career in the photography field. He provides helpful advice on how to learn photography both easily and affordably.

Photography, as many are aware, can be a great way to explore one’s creative side, and can provide the individual an easy, safe and fun way to express oneself while capturing memories that will last a lifetime. As Connecticut area photographer and artist Alan Shulik understands, the pursuit of photography as either a career, a hobby or both is an admirable one, and can open up many artistic opportunities and doors that can lead to life-changing alterations in perspective and appreciation of the world’s abundance of beauty.

Alan Shulik also understands how prevalent the world of cell-phone cameras and digital picture-taking capability has become, and that nearly everyone nowadays has the chance to try their hand and amateur photography in nearly any destination and in any corner of the globe. He knows, however, that a more serious pursuit of the photographic arts often seems like an expensive and overwhelming undertaking, preventing many from sufficiently chasing their interest in the field.

Below, photography professional and camera enthusiast Alan Shulik shares several helpful tips for pursuing your interest in photography while simultaneously protecting your budget. He wants everyone to at least know that photography isn’t always a cost-prohibitive activity.

Choose Digital Technology First
There are many unique benefits to film photography, often including heightened color contrast, lighting enhancement, etc., though film equipment is often costly, at times even downright prohibitive. A digital camera or device, says Alan Shulik, is the best, most cost-effective ways to break into the field, and never requires the need to develop film or purchase extra equipment. Digital quality is also very high, and continues to improve.

Seek Out Rentals
Photography rental shops exist, though perhaps not in abundance, in many cities, towns and areas throughout the country and the world. If digital isn’t your thing, though you can’t quite afford to purchase film-based equipment, says Alan Shulik, look for a store where you can rent the specific equipment you need for your particular photo adventure. Equipment buying can be extremely expensive, though equipment rentals can provide you a quality shot without the same level of financial commitment.

Partner Up
It never hurts, says Alan Shulik, to find someone who shares your interests in photography to tag along with you on photographic excursions. One of the major cost-saving benefits of having a partner, he says, is that equipment costs can be divided between the two, preventing either one of you from having to spend money on a device. Another great reason for pairing up is the notion of second opinions, which are a valuable thing to have in any professional field.

Research Galleries and Exhibitions
Visiting photography galleries and exhibitions, says Alan Shulik, can help to give you both inspiration and ideas on how to change your current photography method, making your approach more efficient and ultimately, more cost-effective. Researching other people’s work at galleries allows you to explore other ways of doing things; methods you may have not previously thought possible. Take a day, or even a weekend, to visit a local photography exhibition for inspiration.
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