Things to Check while Buying Used Trucks

Posted October 29, 2018 by peterwill276

South City Truck Sales has been providing quality used trucks Australia Wide to the transport industry since 1990 with a great customer satisfaction record. We pride ourselves in selling only quality, reliable used trucks at a great price.

If you are planning to buy Fuso trucks or Isuzu trucks and you are running out of your budget, the best option for you is to go with used trucks.

When buying a used truck, every person should understand that this truck, in its automobile century has already seen everything and a lot. If it is known that this truck has run more than one million kilometers, then you should not panic right away because if the vehicle had a major overhaul of the chassis and engine, then it is not at all scary.

Most trucks have a mileage of more than one million kilometers. Often, dishonest sellers themselves "wind up" the speedometer so that it seemed that the car passed a lower mileage. So there is no need to trust them in this matter.
For the seller, the main goal is to submit a truck. It is for this purpose that all sorts of beautiful fiction will be made up. But for us, on the contrary, the main thing is to buy what we need, and not "scrap metal" with which we would have to spend our nerves and time for a long time.

Inspection of the truck:

During the inspection of the truck that you chose, you need to immediately turn your attention to all that is not immediately evident. As already mentioned, it does not really matter how beautiful the truck looks to the outside. It is the fact that sellers could perform good appearance training before selling.


Now you need to start the truck. A good engine starts quickly and continues to run smoothly and constantly. No extraneous noise or knocks should be heard. Also, before charging, you need to check the level and quality of the oil. The normal color for oil is black.

Remove the dipstick and carefully look at the oil on it, if it is gray and there are air bubbles on it which means that the cooling system somehow got into the engine system. This indicates damage to the liner or on the cylinder head has become unusable gasket.

If there is time then check the cylinder heads in this way. Take a bottle of water and just pour on them if bubbles start to appear, it means that there is a breakdown on the cylinder head. It is also necessary to pay attention to the oil leaks on the engine, they should not be. Inspect the turbine if oil spraying is present there, and then it will soon have to be repaired.


Also in no case should there be signs of oil leakage. All gears should be well engaged, smoothly and gently. The truck should get underway without unnecessary jerks if jerks occur this indicates a malfunction of the PSU.

If you are looking for Trucks for sale, you can visit, we have all the major brands of used trucks that include Volvo trucks, Scania trucks, Hino trucks, Crane truck, Tipper truck, Iveco trucks, Isuzu trucks, Fuso trucks among others.
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