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Posted March 24, 2019 by omyinvention

Own my Invention is a consultancy agency that guides innovative people to secure their ideas and inventions by helping them attain a patent.

Own my Invention is a consultancy agency that guides innovative people to secure their ideas and inventions by helping them attain a patent. The USA based company understands the technicalities of patenting and also helps innovators to market their invention product.

Own my invention is an emerging invention licensing companies that is providing patent services in the USA to people who develop groundbreaking inventions. With its extensive network of professionals, the company offers help to inventors in researching, documenting, and protecting their invention idea.

The company is well-versed with the methodology of acquiring a patent and assist individuals to connect with a registered independent patent attorney, who guides them through the whole patenting process.
Own my invention offers versatile patent services along with market your inventions and ideas. Once the patent protection is established, the patentee receivesdirect access to a licensing affiliate from the company, who will work to market and license their intellectual property directly to manufacturers and investors on a 100% contingency fees basis.

By helping different businesses and people with their patent protection services, Own My Invention let them launch their invention product and build a stronger position in the market than their competitors.

The company guides a patentee through all the stages of attaining a patent. The company helps a patentee to successfully track the progress of the invention and maintain a record from idea creation to its conceptualized form.

Own my invention assist a patentee to file an application for the patent and help him determine the potential of the invention in the market. They help their customers to conduct research about the commercial use of their invention and target the specific market niche for their product.

The company also helps the investor to make sure that the invention is brand new and is not patented by another person on a different corner of the world. The company checks patent offices of different countries and also go through different journals and research paper related to your invention product.

If the company encounter a similar invention, then they help the patentee to develop facts to show to the jury that his product can perform better than the earlier developments.

Own my Invention patent licensing services helps a person to gain rights to exclusively use the invention the way he sees fit. For the next twenty years, the patentee is allowed to exploit the invention the way he wants to. Own my invention develops an initial platform for the patentee by marketing his invention and letting him reach the correct investors/companies if he wants to commercialize the product.

This builds a strong marketing position for the patentee and helps him gain an edge over its competitors. Company patent and intellectual property services also offer a high return on investment as the patentee can sell or license the patent rights to another company.

Own my Invention is an expert invention licensing company that helps a person to attain a patent and guide him through different patent procedures. After the patentee gains a provisional license the company helps the user in finding use cases for the invention till the time he gets his full-time patent license to exercise his rights.
The company focus on helping investors to find a way to take their invention ideas from inception to market along with providing their invention the protection and support they need. By using various independent sources the company helps innovators in building a logical and well-formed patent case for their invention.
Own my Invention assist a person with its extensive network and connect him with many service providers to establish a credible basis for patenting his idea and its subsequent licensing.

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