ETEREO S2: An Overview of Bone Conduction Bluetooth headsets from MIJKorea

Posted April 3, 2020 by MIJKorea

MIJ is a manufacturing company that aims for safe and convenient life that contributes to modern lifestyle.

MIJ is a manufacturing company that aims for safe and convenient life that contributes to modern lifestyle. Our Bone conduction Bluetooth headsets and Hearing aid devices use bone conduction sound transmission system which prevent users from unsafe and unhealthy way of listening. Furthermore, our product gives hearing impaired people a hearing aid function.
Bone Conduction Headsets
The Headphones of Tomorrow Won't Even Go Inside Your Ears. Rather than faffing around sending vibrations through the air like a damn clown, bone conduction headsets take a more direct route - sending vibrations straight into the top of your jaw and from that point to your internal ear and brain. Bone Conduction Headset supplier
Bone conduction headsets are that they lay legitimately on the audience's cheekbones. Unlike trational headsets and earbuds, the eardrum doesn't vibrate to pass the data along to the cochlea. Rather, the vibrations from the bone conduction beelines for the cochlea.
Because of the absence of eardrum association, this technology is useful for audience with hearing insufficiencies, as the bone conduction vibration goes about as in lieu of the eardrum.
Bone conduction headsets simply don't sound comparable to the normal type headsets. There are various factors here, however the important one is that sending vibrations through the rigid material of your jaw requires far more energy than simply sending them through the air. It resembles the material science you learned back in school. In hard structures the particles are limited together more firmly, so it takes more energy to move them. In practical terms, this implies when you increase the volume on a pair of bone conduction headsets, except if you're truly squeezing the speakers against your face, the additional power from the speakers just makes the headsets to vibrate in place against your skin. Bone conduction hearing aid
However it really improved the experience, similar to a combined physical experience. Tuning in to the fluffy riffs of "Honey bees" via headset, for instance, was awesome and fun - the earpieces bouncing and bubbling set up like a normal earphones. It certainly makes for a different listening experience.
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