Wash wool by hand: Better gentle:

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Then rinse the textiles well under running, lukewarm water and carefully pull them into shape.

If you prefer to wash your woolen clothes by hand, you can wash them with lukewarm water in lukewarm water and let them work well in them. The water temperature must not be too hot otherwise there is a risk that your wool clothing will shrink.

Take so much water that the clothes can be easily moved around. Even when washing wool by hand you should exercise caution. Rubbing too hard is absolutely taboo and can cause the wool to become matted. Instead, just press the woolen clothing gently.

Then rinse the textiles well under running, lukewarm water and carefully pull them into shape.

If you want to remove coarse dirt, you should rather resort to the washing machine. To remove stubborn stains by hand, you should scrub properly. However, that would strain the wool fibers too much.

According to Laundry near me, whether you can wash wool in the machine or by hand, you should pay attention to the label.

Wool drying: Do not tumble dry:

Clothes made of pure wool should by no means end up in the dryer because it will cause your clothes to matt and shrink. Better: Roll the wool clothes into a large towel after washing. The towel absorbs the excess water in the laundry. But: Please do not wring out so that the fibers do not warp.

Then you can spread your woolen clothing on a drying rack and let it air dry. To keep the woolen items in good shape, they should never be dried hanging. And: Do not put on the heater or in the blazing sun. This makes the wool hard and scratchy.

The good thing about woolen clothes: It usually does not have to be ironed! If so, then turn the parts to the left beforehand and set a low ironing temperature.

Store wool after washing in the closet: Attention, moths:

After washing and drying, most of the woolen clothes come back in the closet. But there is another danger lurking: moths! The wool fibers are a real delicacy for the pests.

So you will not be surprised by nasty holes in your favorite clothes, you should take precautions to keep the moths away from your woolen clothes.

According to Laundry near me, Lavender bags are an effective home remedy for moths. The lavender scent not only keeps the pests away but also the clothes in the closet fresh.

Once you have discovered moths in the closet, you should completely clear them out and then vacuum them thoroughly. This is how you remove existing moth larvae.
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