Do not wear the new jeans on bare skin right away:

Posted December 7, 2019 by markwahlbarg

In addition, experts advise caution when it comes to clothing with the words "non-iron" and "crease-resistant".

Do not wear the new jeans on bare skin right away. The new jeans: First wash - then wear.

Buy in the morning, wear in the evening? Better not. Because the garments that hang on the temples in department stores are often anything but skin-friendly. An expert from Laundry service explains why washing is so important before you wear it and why you should smell it before you buy it.

Intense colors, wrinkle-free fabrics and a pleasant feel on the skin are the result of different dyeing and manufacturing techniques. Often, a variety of textile chemicals are used, which are anything but unproblematic for the skin.

No information on colorants on the label:

How the chemistry cocktail is composed, however, is not apparent to the consumer. The sewn-in label merely contains information about the textiles used, but not about colorants, bleaching and impregnating agents or plasticizers used, for example for imprints.

Wash clothing before first use:

The Laundry service experts, therefore, advise to always wash the laundry before wearing it for safety's sake. This removes a large part of the soluble residues, but if they remain in the substance, allergies and people with sensitive skin often react with incompatibilities.

Caution with the note "can rub off":

Those who shop carefully can often bypass critical substances - advises Laundry service. "If a pair of pants contains an indication that they can be rubbed off or should be washed separately, you can be sure that they contain lots of soluble substances - which can also be irritating to the skin.

Especially with tight-fitting clothing increases the risk that the skin reacts defensively. Because then friction, sweat, and the substances come together.

Always shopping with your nose:

If fabrics feel uncomfortable when touched or smell them strictly according to chemistry, it is better to avoid them. Shopping with the nose is an important tip: the more intense a garment smells, the more chemicals are contained in the fabric.

In addition, experts advise caution when it comes to clothing with the words "non-iron" and "crease-resistant". This also points to the use of chemical substances or soluble colors.

Second-hand clothing is becoming increasingly popular:

Another way to bypass the chemical mix and to relieve the environment, second-hand shops, and clothing file sharing. Especially parents discover the used pieces for themselves. And not only because the children grow out quickly and used clothes are cheaper.
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