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‘Just because Nevaeh is the small girl and has someone putting her down; doesn’t mean that she can’t rise above it all and shine!’


Word Count: 2,396,169

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Author: Marcel Ray Duriez

Twitter: Duriezray

Writer website-


'The ‘Nevaeh Saga’ is a narrative focus on the thoughtful look of a young girl, facing pain- as she bares her soul and what lays within.’

'A fourteen-year-old Nevaeh is having a midlife crisis likewise doesn't seem to bode well with her life expectancy. Her so-called school friends bully her, whatever semblance of a foster mother drowned out her fights with life by loathing her for being alive, falling and grieving her way to mental delusion. Now a fallen angel Nevaeh speaks when she did not have a voice, to do so before, her untimely death- as she bares her soul.'

I understand that you are looking for long novels, now receiving Science Fiction and Fantasy or Young Adult submissions; I believe you would be an immeasurable fit for me, and I also see that you are looking for LGBTQ+ I do maintain, that I redefined these divisions, with my 'Nevaeh Saga,' and this should keep you content and fulfilled until satisfaction.

'NEVAEH SAGA' is a Long Fantasy novel complete at around 2,400,000 worlds and will be the world's longest novel- with Guinness world records, and will appeal to fans to (Harry Potter, Before I Fall, Pictures of Hollis Woods, and Twilight.) Has a strong female lead and a diverse cast, and literary fantasy elements- series potential already exciting.

(Readers of the 'Nevaeh Saga' novels would have like writers, of Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Myers, Ray Bradbury, Lauren Oliver, John Green, Nicholas Sparks, Susan Collins, Patricia Reilly Giff, and Lois Lowry. Set in a small town, Nevaeh is magical realism with supernatural elements and even mystery, but at heart, this is a coming of age tale about the redemptive powers of kindness.

Bio: Biography: I was born in 1991, in Johnstown Pennsylvania USA, and raised in a small town of Northern Cambria, previously known as Barnesboro. 'I think of writing like painting a picture with words.’ My educational degrees are in BA.GDM Graphic Design, Architectural Engineering Technology and Civil Technology, Residential Planning, (CDA) and Writer. My diplomas are under Fine Art and the Fundamentals, Health and Human Development, Advanced Physics, Children's Studies, Music Theory, English Grammar, and the Fundamentals, Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment, Educational Psychology, English Language and Literature Writing. Marcel is part of the Kappa Pi - ETA Sigma Fraternity. Along with the National Technical Honor Society Fraternity. ‘I started countless novel-writing mostly by chance, and it was self- highlighted in my life. My undertaking has been and will remain to be to create stories, which will engage interest in reading, comprehension and expand critical thinking.

I believe that all my stories capture’ the many scenes, moments, and expressions throughout the chapters. My first book was titled ‘The Many Adventures of Cuddles.’ Then I published a book titled ‘Sammie and Ellie’ I became an author, Illustrator for children's books- knew I wanted to start writing novels.’ I think that you can never have too much education, I am from a small town of less than 3,000- Northern Cambria- Barnesboro Pa. Graphic Design, and Architectural Engineering Technology / Civil Technology, Residential Planning, (CDA) and Writer, my degrees and diplomas have added me in writing this long novel, to help kids have and find a voice. The writer of one of the longest novels in the world pending, Marcel Duriez, with 2,396,169 words, around 14,347 pages, 33 inches in thickness, 13,131,636 characters 72,364 paragraphs.

See my website for more information: The webpage It also showcases artwork on the site. Over 100 books published works.
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