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Swtor Destroyer of Worlds cheap swtor credits Uprising is more than a story mode uprising. This is four-player content.

Swtor Destroyer of Worlds cheap swtor credits Uprising is more than a story mode uprising. This is four-player content. Did you go through this Uprising? Here is a guide on Swtor Destroyer of Worlds Uprising. You can buy cheapest Swtor Credits to go ahead with the following tips.

First, collect six Dark relics to remove Dark Whispers Debuff

Dark Whispers debuff can reduce healing received on all your guildmates. All Dark relics to remove this debuff are scattered from the entrance to the second set of bosses. Once you collect the relics, you can summon a bonus boss. But don’t summon it until you defeat the second boss, or you will need to do two fights at once.

Second, Escort Droid away from mobs and tentacles

The Droid you escort often run ahead and get damaged by the mobs and tentacles. If it happens, you can use Droid repair kits to get it moving. The kits are in the small boxes lying around.

But you had better run ahead of the droid to clear the mobs and tentacles, without using the repair kits. Thus you will get an achievement.

Last, take down five bosses one by one

1. Chief Engineer Penzaren (HP: 499k on story mode, 924k on veteran mode). This boss summons tons of Keeper Droids. You can AoE them down, and keep doing it until Penzaren’s shield are removed, and then focus damage on Penzaren. In this fight, you can cast Area Purification which can do DoT damage if you stand on the red circle.

2. Velloc & Skurr. You have to kill these two bosses in 9 seconds, as one of them casts Primal Rejuvenation to resurrect the dead one. So you had better spread your damage evenly in the fight. Outstandingly, tank need keep Velloc in a corner and let the ranged DPS wail on him. Or the situation would be out of control.

3. The Caller In the Dark (HP: 1.43M on story mode). It is the bonus boss. You had better summon it after you kill Velloc and Skurr. This is an overtuned boss that deal heavy damage and summons 4x Void Whispers. When it reaches low HP, it casts Extract to regen a small amount of HP. So it must be a quick fix.

4. Jedi Master Adelade (HP: 1.43m on story, 2.1m on veteran). Adelade has two basic attacks – Leap and Force Wave, which can be easily avoided. What’s worse is her debuff which deals DoT damage and slows down your movement speed. You have 3 seconds to move out of it
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