Following Akon’s Successful Charity Campaigns, Companies Took the Lead

Posted February 1, 2018 by kumkum

AloeTerra, Inc. is a prestigious Organic & Natural Company leading in Humanitarian Responsible and Ecological policies.

AloeTerra, Inc. is a prestigious Organic & Natural Company leading in Humanitarian Responsible and Ecological policies. It plays an important role in Reforestation Movements and are partners of Amazon Smile Water Charity. Volunteers work with donations from AloeTerra had a tremendous impact in the reforestation of desecrated places in Amazon Rainforest.

Also the partnership with Amazon Smile Charity Program gives customers a chance to donate percentage of their purchase to various organizations to help areas damaged by poverty, drought and water scarcity.

Numerous experts attribute damages done to environment and human rights violations to immoral consumerism.

Having companies that combine ethical marketing with environmental care, are a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with profit-driven companies culture.

This example of Ethical Consumerism shows how this can be part of the solution or one of the answers to today’s world crisis.

The CEO of AloeTerra Nourishments, Georgiana N. stated early this year:

“Finishing the 2017 with a total of 12 509 trees planted, that will produce 1.7 million tons of oxygen, equivalent to the reserve for 180,000 people for 6 years with joined forces from the locals, international NGO’s and volunteers. It is known that trees are producing more oxygen when growing than when mature, because converting air and soil into wood causes trees to produce more oxygen.”

The product that is currently promoting and sustains the Charity Foundations Movements is called Alpha GPC Choline.

Choline is a macronutrient that is present in every cell of human body, making the connection between brain and muscles, having a key role for normal brain development.

Known as the most bioavailable form of choline, Alpha GPC is proven to help: long and short memory, focus and concentration problems, supports mental clarity, prevents brain decline, stimulates neuroplasticity and the recovery ability of cells.

Also scientists attribute symptoms like mental fatigue, brain fog and impaired memory to choline deficiency.

Studies show that 90% of US citizens do not have the daily requested dose of choline.

Choline deficiency can generate brain fog, impaired memory, mental fatigue and even to Alzheimer and Dementia.

If this type of company is appealing and you want to contribute to reforestation efforts and water charity, you can learn more about Alpha GPC HERE:

It is society’s best interest to promote an environmental-friendly and not based on wild consumerism.

Georgiana Nelson
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