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As a US based video production company out of San Francisco, with Videographers in San Diego, Denver, and Austin, we make global marketing and advertising campaigns possible.

Storytelling is an art. And the polished visual scope that accompanies it is crucial. Our video company can help advertising teams and video project creators of all sizes. Whether these are targeted video campaigns to your existing audience, or your first time releasing your brand on Kickstarter, we can help you achieve your goal. Explore our service as an extension of our core marketing team.

From Kickstarter to Indiegogo, IGTV and Snapchat, our team has already forged ahead to meet the unique needs within the video market. It’s not just that we are one of the best affordable video production companies in San Francisco and Denver, or that we can operate with ease in San Diego and Austin, it that we optimize every part of the process, plan ahead, and adjust everything to meet the highest level of specification. We understand what works for 30 second TV spots all the way to 4 minute Investor pitches. And we can offer compelling short cuts so that you can address the video needs of every screen size and media channel. Turn your video into an omnidirectional customer magnet. Just send us a message and let us know what you need! [email protected]

We are a leading production company based out of San Francisco, Denver, Austin, and San Diego. Over the years we have partnered with Companies who are making content for Kickstarter, TV, and Social media. Our specialty is with inventors and Startups of all times, and we specialize in helping International brands reach the US market.

Live Action Video Commercials, Animation, Explainer Videos, with a Cinematic and Documentary flair.

Start motion media is your local

Games & Education
$1M+ Kickstarters
Fashion and Apparel
Award Winning Videos
Technology Startups
Health & Lifestyle

Empowering small businesses, startups, nonprofits and causes to tell their stories
You put yourself into this. Your project is so important to you. As our client you will get a tangible product which embodies your voice, which you can share with people.

Whether it’s your first go at branding and making a commercial video, or you are a seasoned marketer, we’re here to help.

What you really want:
Honor the work you’ve already put in
Transition from Project Development into Sharing with Polish
Go to the next step, put your vision into reality
Get the ultimate quality
Create The best possible opportunity to LET YOUR PRODUCT OR IDEA THRIVE
Getting Investors and Backers
Selling your first 1000 Units, or Re-Engaging your Existing Customers
Planning for Growth - Our video content can work for you for years to come
Expand into the US market
Unify you Fans and Customers along a Single Inspiring Message
Communicate the Impact and Benefits of your Project
Even small projects can Raise more than $70,000
Create a business with crowd momentum so that It sustains itself.
The creative video content power behind the best Kickstarters and Online Commercials
$23,000,000 raised in 178 projects

Four top grossing project, with amount raised, one line claim to fame, and photo of the founder with a quote from them
Our Job: We help startups maximize their new customer acquisition, by creating award winning video content so that you can have high precision advertising on facebook, instagram, and google, and a compelling pitch narrative for your project.
Our proprietary creative development and film making process is the reason why we can produce exceptional content while maintaining ultra competitive pricing for your marketing spend.
Start Motion Media is the creation of Stanford graduates who use data-driven storytelling approaches to output precisely target, effective video communications.
Our front end customer service provides complete transparence and allows Clients to closely track their video development along key metrics, and to make empowered creative decisions along the way.

Where Video Marketing meets the Compelling Beauty of Film.

We are a team of multi media filmmakers, documentarians, line producers, editors and photographers, who achieve the fusion of cinematic beauty with videos that actually convert.

We use small production runs and high level customer service to ensure that each project receives top-level personal attention.

Our Team
Michael Zeligs: With a Multi-Media BA in Film and Intermedia from Stanford University, michael started film and photography when he was 11 years old and has yet to stop. Michael would create a unique an beautiful story for anyone if he could, because he knows the value of a powerful about us video cannot be under estimated. He has made story-based advertising videos for companies like Sutter Health, Google,
Brandt Miller: After completing an MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia, Brandt worked in the video production world in both New York and Washing DC for years, as a series Associate Producer for National Geographic Explorer, Field AP for Discovery, Story Producer for BET, associate producer for Smithsonian, a development producer for a feature length doc, as well as developing TV series for Time Inc.

Our team of Kickstarter and Crowdfunding experts is specialize in Commercial Video production and Kickstarter marketing, and creates a tailored content and growth strategy specifically for your project
Top Video Production Company, Recommended by Google
Projects Covered in: Icons of Press that our projects got.
Full Creative Agency and Marketing Campaign Films
TOgether with you team we create a cohort that can help you win across global markets
Our team is focused on growth, and helps you do the following:
Research the Market
Content Development
Video Studio Film Making
Graphic Design

Think your project is the next game changer? Apply Now =>

Data-Driven Video Production for the Information Age

See our Projects

It’s a new era in Video Marketing

Not just TV and Movies any more. It’s multi-tiered cross functional media initiatives, and video marketing campaigns driven on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Kickstarter. It’s companies winning by achieving more viewership and higher levels of engagement and trust. Our approach to Kickstarter Video Production, or really all forms of Commercial Video Production and VIdeos for Fundraising and eCommerce, give us an unfair advantage for your content marketing needs. Our development and testing initiatives helps you achieve higher than normal conversion metrics, and we’ve made video production into an art and a science.

We only work with projects that are as good as our own track record, and creators whose ideas have staying power and enormous upside potential.

Brainstorm: Your awesome video is made by human hands, and we then polish and develop it against the best performing videos out there, so that you can have amazing results with similar audiences.
Startup Fund: While our creative agency is mostly for companies who have funding or active revenue, and who hope to raise $100k+ with their campaigns, we want to help Startups and people who are just beginning. That’s why we created competitive pricing, which makes our service available to small and big projects alike. This helps you reduce your risk, and yet get an amazing top-shelf production.
What’s our business model? Like many creative agencies, we have distinct out of pocket staffing fees for your production. Our business model always involves an upfront payment, and a second payment near the time of project completion.

Premium Quality, Affordable Video Production

For Companies and Creators , Locally and Internationally
How Start Motion Media Works: Our Film content production experts discover with you to clarify your goals and get absolutely clear on the video plan, something that says what you need, defines the brand, and also matches to existing performance metrics in terms of conversion rate. Working together, we make amazing videos happen, on a budget that makes most TV companies cry.
We didn’t become a respected video company overnight, and we are fundamentally different than your average “guy with a camera”. Over 50 years of combined experience, and lots of long hours in the market research and video development. Our defined creative process enables us to scale along with your project and meet your deadline with an amazing piece.
The details of your production will be decided very early on in the process, and the commercial video director is a master of cinematography - our videos have even won awards an been part of million dollar marketing campaigns.
How it Works: From creative script writing, market research, and creating a video scope, our enhanced and proven production methodology allows our projects to feel polished and effortless, resulting in a positive viewer experience, every time. We work with product designers, creative agencies, marketing companies, and brands across the country. Our high quality production can unify and enhance your marketing direction.
Start Motion Media specializes in Premium Agency Quality video production, at an affordable price. Our vetted process in pre- and post-production allows us to work with companies of all sizes, and we can customize our video plan to meet your specialized requests. Whether it is for your corporate uses, animate or live video, for your website, ecommerce, kickstarter, or social media, we can get it done on time and under budget. WIth producers in 10 cities across the country, we can come to you no matter where you are based, without an added fee.
Customer Service You’ll always have someone to check with, and our producers are always available to connect with you about key decisions. We know that it’s crucial for every one on the client and production side has a matching vision for the project.
Adding a video content team to your marketing strategy can significantly enhance your sales and customer acquisition. Video is proven to decrease the cost of your paid advertising, and can increase by 2x the amount of time someone spends on your side. Any of our nationwide producers can help you explore the benefits of video marketing.
Creative Scripting
Location Scouting
Production Crews
Actors, Models, and Extras
Stock Footage
Drone Videography
Video Editing
Color Grading
Sound Mixing
Motion Graphics
Voice Overs
Music Licensing

The Start Motion Media Advantage:
ROI from Video: Using our proprietary creative development process, with our extensive industry leading video rigs, allows us to create unparalleled video products suitable for high volumes of views. Every dollar spent on video projects usually results in $10-$50 in customer sales, fundraising, and pledges, even with low budgets in the Sub ten thousand dollars range.
Your Voice, Delivered: Our client always has final say on the video direction and creative content. With the help of our producers, you’ll be able to decide on the best creative direction for your project. The higher conversion rates and margins on your video marketing purchase will result from our combining your video vision with the latest video polish and editing styles that can interest and engage todays audiences.
Affordable Cost: We only charge a percentage of what many commercial video agencies cost, and all the money in the project budget is directly attributable to our efforts. There are no hidden fees of spiraling costs of any kind (unlike other video companies), and we pride ourselves on our transparency at each step of the process.
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