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Posted November 22, 2018 by kellybam

Enjoy the best Thanksgiving 9$ OFF buy credits swtor on Swtor2credits

In Game Update 5.10 we will be introducing a brand new system to the game, Guild Leveling. Guild Levels tie heavily into both Conquests and Guild Perks, so please look out for forum posts on both of those other topics to get the full picture of what is changing! Fair warning, there is a lot of information to cover so expect a fairly long post.

Here is a TLDR for you: Guild Levels are earned via Conquest Points. As you gain levels you can slot perks into your Guild Ship to provide a variety of benefits, leveling also gives you new benefits for XP, CXP, and Reputation gain.

What is Guild Leveling and How Does it Work?
Guild leveling is fairly simple at its core. Similar to a player character, Guilds will now earn Guild Experience. As they hit the next Guild XP target, they will level up. Guilds start at level 1 and can theoretically, level infinitely.

Guild XP is earned by players in the Guild earning Conquest points. Players will earn 2 Guild XP for every 1 Conquest points earned. Ex: If a player reaches their Personal Weekly Conquest target of 15,000 Conquest points, they would earn 30,000 Guild XP for their Guild. In a moment we are going to share some key breakpoints that exist in our plan for Guild leveling.

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Also, as a reminder we are not only adjusting Bolster on gear, but also on Augments. We are increasing Augment Bolster from 208 to 236. This will additionally help in closing the gap between BiS players and those being Bolstered.

Bolster Beyond 5.10
A number of players have brought up the idea of having Bolster be at the highest item rating available. Effectively making gear in PvP irrelevant, where skill is the only deciding factor. Although we understand the desire from players on that side of the debate, it does introduce some issues. If there is no gear chase from PvP that removes all progression from PvP gameplay and it also removes a part of the reward structure.

However, we do know that there has been unhappiness with PvP gearing in general in the 5.0 era, especially with the removal of Expertise. To make large itemization changes to PvP like that will require an equally large update, so this is the type of issue we will have to wait until an expansion sized update to tackle. We will consider a variety of options including reintroducing PvP specific stats/gear, Boslter changes, etc. and we will make sure to talk through planned changes with all of you when we get to that point.
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