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Do you want to learn mind reading tricks and become an amazing magician? If so, this article shall help you with your goals.

Mentalism, known as the art of pretending to read the mind of people , has been around for many decades since the first occurrence made by an Italian man named Girolamo Scotto was recorded in the 16th century. However, compared the modern days, it was probably easier for the Italian man to convince the people in his city of his secret power. Pessimistic and jaded people of the 21st century seem to be hard to impress by those magic tricks. However, even if we are living in the golden age of mobile devices, there are some people who want to discover how those mind reading tricks are done. There are some who want to believe that mind reading is true, and are willing to participate in the tests. This article today shall deal with the tricks for reading the mind of the people, explanation of them, as well as the simple example of mind reading tricks that any amateur can try and do successfully right today. Using the tips and tricks provided, you will know basic knowledge of how to get a fast buck at bars by using the dark power, or how to mess with the head of your friends by using some miracles. Nevertheless, some preparations need to be made before you can learn mind reading tricks. If you plan to stop a certain person on the city street and ask them about some of their relatives, there are number of steps you have to remember first. The tips below are very important for those who want to perform in front of crowds, and choose a volunteer from the audience.
Top Mind Reading Tricks
1. Choose The Right Person To Read The Mind
Whether mind reading tricks are successful depend on who you choose to perform your magic. When it comes to choosing the right people, you must avoid two kinds of person: the ones who are too willing to participate in the game, and the ones who just sit in the back rows and avoid any eye contact . Those who show their high enthusiasm may just to show themselves before an audience, and performing with shy people will absolutely bring no fun at all. The perfect people for the performance should be in the center of the crowd – someone who seem to pay high attention to what you have said and done in the performance. So, when performing mind reading tricks, choose someone that wants interaction, but not those who wish to shy.
2. Mimic The Subject
Mind reading tricks are related to mimicking the subject and to working around the interests. Mirroring the movements of a person will make them feel pleasant and comfortable, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. This technique will help to relax the people, bring them closer to you. The next steps should be asking about their hobbies & interests, and trying to use that in your performance. Are they playing music? Then you should make your act musical. If the people are artists, then you should integrate drawing into your performance.
3. Utilize Your Body Language
The body language is important. Even if people know nothing of it, they will have some tells if they have a secret or are lying about certain matters. Therefore, it is best to use those things to your advantage. If you can touch someone lightly or have a gentle touch during the performance, you may realize some of the changes in their body, such as a light muscle spasm. If people don’t notice anything, it could indicate that you are focusing on something. You are focusing on something. Do you want to understand the meaning of the unconscious movements of the participants? Do you want to influence people without saying any word? Learn body language courses right away.
4. Gather The Tendencies And The Statistical Data Of The People’s Mind
When it comes to mind reading tricks, you should prepare a mental tab of the clothes, general attitudes and ages of your crowds. For each specific question and situation, people can have multiple ways to response. Discovering what a person is about to say before they open their mouth will have no negative impacts on your mind reader reputation.

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