Samsung AA-PL4NC6B Battery

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Laptop Battery for Samsung AA-PL4NC6B, 5200mAh ( Hi-Quality Replacement Battery for Samsung AA-PL4NC6B )

VCs aren't the only ones cooling on VR. Industry executives and developers tell me that alternative sources are drying up, too. They say Hollywood marketing teams, which had tapped companies to build VR apps to hype hit movies such as 2016's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and TV shows including Game of Thrones, are paying less and appear to be more cautiously approaching projects.Even early VR boosters are tapping the brakes. Samsung, which was one of the first to market with its Gear VR mobile headset, didn't say anything about VR in its major headset announcements this year.That's sure to be on the minds of the more than 2,500 developers heading to San Jose for Facebook's fifth annual Oculus Connect developer conference, starting Wednesday. There, they'll brainstorm in talks like "the next generation of storytelling," "video that doesn't suck" and, tellingly, "building brand + community (on a budget)." Samsung AA-PL2NC9B/E Battery Samsung AA-PB9NC6W/E Battery Samsung AA-PB9NC5B Battery Samsung AA-PL4NC6B Battery Samsung AA-PL2NC9W Battery Samsung AA-PB9NC6W/E Battery Samsung AA-PB8NC8B Battery Samsung AA-PB8NC6W Battery Samsung AA-PB8NC6B Battery Samsung AA-PB6NC6W Battery Samsung AA-PB6NC6E Battery Samsung AA-PB6NC6B Battery Samsung AA-PB5NC6W Battery Samsung AA-PB5NC6B Battery Samsung AA-PB4NC6W Battery Samsung AA-PB2NX6W Battery Samsung AA-PB2NX6B Battery Samsung AA-PB2NC6W Battery Samsung AA-PB2NC6B/E Battery Samsung AA-PB2NC6B/E Battery Samsung AA-PB2NC6 Battery Samsung AA-PB2NC3W Battery Samsung AA-PB2NC3B Battery

"There has been a cool-down in general in terms of investment," said Tipatat Chennavasin, a general partner at the Venture Reality Fund. Companies are still getting funded, he notes, and new initiatives like VR arcades, where people can go to a mall or a warehouse and play VR games in a large room, are gaining traction.The wait for VR's eventual uptick has already been too long for Nicolás Alcalá, a film producer in LA who founded a well-regarded VR studio Future Lighthouse in 2015. At the beginning of this year, he had to shut down because he couldn't raise enough money to keep going.People need a reason to try VR and they don't have it yet, he said. "The industry is hoping people will embrace this new technology that isn't yet so useful, but it's cool." Samsung aa-pb0nc4g Battery Samsung aa-pb0nc6b Battery Samsung aa-pb1nc6b Battery Samsung aa-pb1vc6b Battery Samsung aa-pb1vc6w Battery Samsung aa-pb2vc6b Battery Samsung aa-pb2vc6w-b Battery Samsung aa-pb3vc3b Battery Samsung aa-pb3vc6b Battery Samsung aa-pb3vc6b-e Battery Samsung aa-pb4nc6b-e Battery Samsung aa-pbonc4b Battery Samsung aa-pbotc4b Battery Samsung aa-pbotc4l Battery Samsung aa-pbotc4m Battery Samsung aa-pbotc4r Battery Samsung aa-pbotc4t Battery Samsung aa-pbpn6lb Battery Samsung aa-pbpn6ls Battery Samsung aa-pbpn6lw Battery Samsung aa-pl0nc8g Battery Samsung aa-pl1vc6b Battery Samsung aa-pl1vc6w Battery

Unlike VR, whose use beyond video games is still unrefined, mixed reality has already impressed Ed Moore, senior technology strategist for oil giant Chevron. After testing all sorts of tech, he's bought hundreds of Microsoft HoloLens devices and is offering them to people who work on oil rigs and gas refineries this month.The killer app for Moore was a feature called remote assist, through which an expert can connect with employees anywhere in the world over video. While talking, the expert can draw circles, arrows and diagrams around a pipe, engine or whatever else the employee is looking at.It can take days to fly experts to a remote location where they're needed, Moore says, and that doesn't include the costs and risks associated with globe trotting. With HoloLens, they can have "an expert in the field" immediately.
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