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Posted December 27, 2014 by GerrySmith

Protect finger injuries with door finger guards and finger protect. Door finger guardian can guard and forestall injuries and Hinge and Handle sides of doors. simple to put in. venture and adhesive solutions.

A lot of parents today are childproofing their homes months before the baby is even born. And we can’t really blame them considering the number of door-related accidents reported annually. According to the National Security Council, there are over 300,000 incidents yearly where children and adults are injured due to doors accidentally closing on their fingers. And that is only in the U.S. More people from all over the world sustain injuries from door accidents, with 26,000 of them resulting to finger or hand amputations. With that information in mind, it’s really the best action for all parents to install a door finger protector in every room of the house.

The Door finger protector by Pinch-not is a wonderful investment for every household. Parents know that they have to protect their kids from every potential danger. Unfortunately, kids can encounter all kinds of hazards not only from the outdoors but also inside the home. Doors can prove to be a great danger to young children. In fact, a lot of reports are filed yearly where children as young as 9 months old end up having their fingers or hands amputated due to the injuries sustained from door accidents. Toddlers are very curious and will tend to explore their surroundings, going from one room to another. They will often hold on to the door frame or put their small hands in the gap between the door and the frame. Sometimes, even the most diligent caretaker cannot prevent accidents from happening. A gust of wind can send the door flying and little fingers can end up hurt, or worse, amputated. Responsible parents know that the best thing to do to prevent these accidents is to have a professional install a safety device that will prevent the door from closing on those tiny hands. Why take the risk of injuring your child? Childproof your home today and protect your children from door-related accidents.

How does the Door Finger Protector work? Basically, the device will prevent the door from closing on anything that might be between the door frame and the door itself. A rubbery material is installed in the door and this works to keep fingers off the gap between the door and the frame. There are also plastic bumpers that keep the door open and this prevents the door from quickly closing. When a blast of wind enters the home, this rubber bumper will stop the door from shutting. According to reports, that is one of the most common causes of door-related accidents. With this nifty safety device, you will feel better knowing that your kids are safer inside your home.

There are various kinds of door guards in the market today and you can also choose from different brands. If you want your children to have complete, healthy fingers as they grow up, have a professional help you in childproofing your home. Start with the installation of door finger guards in every room of your home. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your kids are safer inside your home. For more information or expert advice please contact PINCH-NOT
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