The Importance of Precession Dispensing by Subrex – Advancing the Science of Fluid Delivery

Posted December 5, 2014 by GerrySmith

Subrex Manufactures Dispensing Nozzles, Dispensing Tips, Precision Nozzles, Precision Dispensing and Dispensing Needles

It takes the delivering of the right lubricant in the right amount at the right location to achieve proper lubrication of rolling bearings found in rotating equipments. This can only be done by high precision dispensing needles. Without the help of these needles it would be impossible for lubrication professionals to effectively lubricate and improve the performance and health of rotating equipments.

Nearly half of all failures relating to bearings can be traced down to errors with lubrication. With bearings that are lubricated with grease over greasing can cause churning of the lubricant. This causes an increase in the operating temperature of the bearing which leads to the loss of lubricant viscosity. On the other hand, under greasing can cause contact between the metals during operation leading to bearing failure.

Use of excessive lubricant can also cause failure to any related application or machine. It will increase the usage of lubricant in the plant and also the expenditure. The cost for disposing the lubricant will also rise and the efforts put in place to achieve sustainability will take a major hit. Using proper precision dispensing tips will stop the overuse of lubricant, resulting in proper functioning of parts and reduced expenditure for lubricants.
At the industrial level where manufacturing processes are repeated at regular intervals and mass production is expected, even the slightest reduction in expenditure will greatly reduce the cost of production. This will directly influence the price of the final product. Proper dispensing of lubricants will also increase the life of rotating equipments.

Precision dispensing is a major requirement in the automobile and airplane industry. It is mainly used for delivering adhesive but is not limited to just that. Every time large machinery assembling is done precision dispensing is a prerequisite for the success of it. It is so crucial that the slightest of the mistakes can cause the malfunctioning of the machinery either immediately or in the long-term. It directly affects the quality of the end product. Any lapse in quality can easily increase the cost of production and consequently the cost incurred by the end user.

Subrex manufactures high-quality Precision Dispensing Tips and nozzles that are used in the industrial sector. They are the leader in this space simply because they understand the importance of quality. They provide various kinds of dispensing tips, the details of which can be found on their website. The quality of the dispensing tips is such that the dispensing liquid can be pushed out with the slightest of pressure without leaving any residue on the tip of the needles. You can easily order any of the dispensing nozzles offered by Subrex from their website. All the products offered by Subrex are made from high quality material, which is very crucial given the level of accuracy required in precision dispensing. Covers are also available for keeping the needles covered when not in use. For any questions or queries related to the Dispensing Tools offered by Subrex, please visit the contact us page to request additional information.
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