Geoffrey Lafond: What to Expect at the Gynecologist

Posted May 30, 2016 by geoffreylafond

Gynecology and obstetrics specialists like Geoffrey Lafond aim to make quality care available to women across the world.

Geoffrey Lafond is the Obstetrics and Gynecology Head of Department in Bridgetown, Barbados’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. As a specialist with more than two decades of experience, Geoffrey Lafond knows that many women fear gynecological visits because they do not know what to expect.

Though it is normal to be nervous about your first visit to the gynecologist, the examinations you can expect are also normal. They might include…

Physical Examination – Gynecologists begin with a general physical exam, as most other medical visits will. This typically includes recording height, weight, blood pressure and other basics for the doctor’s medical chart.

Breast Examination – A breast examination is standard practice to help your doctor detect abnormalities such as discharge and lumps. Breast examinations are performed with your doctor’s gloved fingers.

Pap Smear – A pap smear involves the collection of cells that cover a woman’s cervix. The doctor will use a special brush to collect the cells and then he or she will send them to the laboratory. The lab tests check for abnormal cells.

Pelvic Examination – The pelvic examination is not performed on women who have not been sexually active or exhibited potentially-dangerous symptoms. If a pelvic exam is deemed necessary, the doctor will ask the woman to lay on her back on the exam table and to place her feet in stirrups so that her legs are open and relaxed. Next, the doctor will use gloved hands to check the outside of the vagina, followed by the inside. Typically, the doctor will collect cell samples and rule out visual signs of infection. The process is painless, though it is often described as mildly-uncomfortable.

The reason why experienced specialists like Geoffrey Lafond recommend regular gynecological care is because it can aid in early cancer detection and other disease prevention. If you do not have a regular gynecologist, contact one in your area today to start caring for your health.

About: Geoffrey Lafond is one of many specialists who works to make quality female healthcare available to all.

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