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Fulfill Your Dream to be a Mother with UFE Treatment and live pain-free life

Those who endure severe pain in each and every month during the menstrual period only know exactly how much it hurts. The pain is so severe that women sometimes find their lives miserable and it is beyond their tolerance. Among the various reasons for painful period, uterine fibroids, also known as leiomyomas is one of the major ones. They are the key player for painful period and infertility.

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours that are located in the smooth muscle wall of the womb, known as myometrium. The best way to get rid of these non-malignant cysts is to opt for the most advanced treatment, uterine fibroid embolisation (UFE). To get the best treatment and personal care services, the patients may visit a globally recognized clinic, like, Fibroid Treatment Clinic.

Few Words about the Treatment

Uterine fibroids embolisation or UFE is the latest treatment procedure that is performed by the interventional radiologist. In this minimally invasive treatment the blood supply to the non-malignant cysts is blocked.

The main object behind this is to prevent the tumours to get nutrients. When they do not get nutrients, they shrink and this is how the patients get relief. The entire treatment procedures involve three major steps which are discussed below.
Step1: A thin tube is placed in the wrist’s radial artery that is advanced into the blood vessels, supplying blood to the womb.
Step2: In this stage, tiny particles are infused into the blood vessels, supplying blood to the non-cancerous tumours.
Step3: The tumours do not get nutrients and they shrink over the time span of few months. Almost immediately, after UFE, the blood supply to the cyst stops.

Apart from fibroids, the clinic is known to offer effective treatments for adenomyosis too.

Things to Remember about UFE

Within a very short time, the treatment has become quite popular. Here are the things that everyone should know about UFE.

• UFE is a minimally invasive procedure
• It involves rapid recovery
• It is alternative to hysterectomy and myomectomy
• Safer than the surgical process

Post UFE Procedure

The patients who undertake uterine fibroid embolisation treatment needs to stay only a night in the hospital. The patients can expect the followings after UFE.

1. The patients may feel a dull ache in the abdomen after the procedure.
2. To control the pain, the doctor will prescribe some medications to the patients
3. The skin incision is so small that it does not require to be stitched.
4. The incision will invisible in a few weeks

Reasons Why UFE Is the Best Option

The reasons are following. To have a clear idea of this, have a look at this.

• Best alternative to hysterectomy, the surgical process to remove a tumour affected uterus
• Painless and healthy life
• Allow the patients to become pregnant
• A minimally invasive process
• Rapid recovery and more

For more information about the treatment, the patients may contact the Fibroid Treatment Clinic now.
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