Why Spending on Website Traffic Is Foolish, Unless You First Do These 3 Digital Marketing Strategies

Posted September 23, 2020 by fareedy

Why Spending on Website Traffic Is Foolish, Unless You First Do These 3 Digital Marketing Strategies

Website traffic is one of the top priorities in digital marketing. Each year entrepreneurs and marketing executives spend a large number of dollars paying for website traffic. Digital advertising through links and display ads on search engines and social networking are among the most popular methods for website traffic. https://youtu.be/1hKOgERH0-I

Yet, for the very first time, digital ad spending should go down worldwide from the year before. In accordance with a July, 2020 report by eMarketer, experts predict a decline in ad spending of 4.9% worldwide in 2020, in comparison to 6.3% growth in 2019. The decline is mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic How to Create Website in 2020.

Nonetheless, while the economy recovers, digital ad spending should go up again. But should you spend money for website traffic? The answer is not any, if you have not first dedicated to conversion.

You see, it creates no sense to fund traffic if you do not have ways to capture the lead and convert them right into a customer. That's because without a conversion strategy in place, you'll spend money on attracting visitors to your website, simply to see they leave without buying.

You will find 3 strategies you ought to purchase first before you invest one penny in website traffic.

Strategy #1: Capture The Lead on a Landing Page
Significantly less than 1 percent of visitors buy the very first time they visit a website. Think about that for a second.

That means over 99 percent of visitors to your website will leave your website without buying. Yet each visitor costs you money. If they leave without buying, you lose money. Plus, your acquisition cost per customer is likely to be very high.

That's why its best that you develop an opt-in campaign dedicated to capturing the lead. NOT selling your product or service at first. By capturing the lead, at this point you can develop a relationship with each visitor that opts in. And convert them from cause customer over time.

The thing is, with digital ad spending, you ought to NOT send traffic to your home page or product pages. Discover more here.

Instead, it's better to send traffic to a separate landing page by having an offer to compel visitors to opt-in and give you permission to message them via email and SMS text. These offers can be a free report, checklist or quiz. Something of value to your audience to determine your credibility.

Strategy #2: Follow-Up With a Group of eMails and SMS Text Messages
Email is the absolute most cost-effective kind of media with the best return on investment, based on the Direct Marketing Association. SMS text messages have open and read rates of over 90%. Together, both of these methods of messaging can allow you to in your follow-up to convert leads into paying customers.

The thing is, the persuasive quality of one's content will have a huge impact on your own results. Plus, the quantity and frequency of one's messages. If you merely have a few follow-up messages, chances are you currently won't close many sales. Some contacts may respond quickly, while others might not be in a hurry. The key is to not stop messaging your opt-in contacts, unless they op-out.

One common myth in digital marketing is to not send too many messages that will create a contact to opt-out. But when you return too few messages, you'll never make a sale. The key would be to send messages with relevant content to your audience for provided that it will take to close the sale.

Strategy #3: Convert Sales With a Video Sales Letter or Automated Webinar
Digital marketing is a form of direct response marketing. The traditional long copy sales letter is a proven way to convert leads into customers. In a digital marketing campaign, you add the sales letter on a landing page with buttons that take the customer to your order page.

An even more effective strategy is to produce a video sales letter. This could involve a voiceover artist communicating the message of the letter, with either what showing on the screen or images that bring what to life. Video is emotional and can boost your response rates.

You can even promote the sale of one's products and services by having an automated webinar. This a fall presentation with voiceover that you convert to video. Then customize interactive features in the automated webinar platform. You are able to schedule the webinar to play several times each day to produce it easy for the audience to join up and attend. You can cause a button that appears at a strategic amount of time in the webinar for the audience to click and purchase your product or service.

How exactly to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign
The good thing is you are able to complete a viable marketing campaign with opt-in landing page, email and SMS text messages and a landing page with sales letter, video sales letter or automated webinar with a tiny investment. Once you complete these, then you should have everything in place to simply help convert website traffic into customers. Hiring a consultant to simply help you may be an effective way to start.
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