Bearing damage factors

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Keep the surrounding environment of bearings clean Even if dust is invisible to the naked eyes got into the bearings

Bearings are the precision parts, so using them requires a fairly cautious attitude. Even if you are using the high performance bearings, any maloperation can lead to untoward performance effect, and it is easy to damage the bearings. So, before the use of the FAG 6321 bearings distributor the following items should be paid attention to:
A. Keep the surrounding environment of bearings clean
Even if dust is invisible to the naked eyes got into the bearings, the chance of bearing wear, vibration and noise will be increased.
Second, be careful when using and installing
The powerful punch is not allowed, hammer hitting bearings directly is not allowed, transferring pressure through rolling bodies is not allowed..
Three, use appropriate and accurate installation tools
Use special tools as far as possible, avoid using cloth class and short fiber, things like that.
Fourth, to prevent rusting of the bearings
When a person is going to pick up the bearing with bare hand, he has to wash out the sweat on his hand fully and coat the hands with mineral oils before touching the bearings, especially in the rainy season and summer anti-rust operation worth more attention.
However, in some special operating conditions, bearing can use longer more than the life calculated in the traditional way, especially in the case of light load. The operating conditions of these special is, when the rolling surface (orbit and rolling) is a lubricating oil film effectively separated and the surface of the limit of pollutants may cause damage. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.
Five, the bearing life
So when calculating the bearing size, the word "life" must have a more clear definition. Generally provided all the information about the basic dynamic load rating, which is based on a large enough number of identical bearing on the surface, can reach more than 90% of life as the basis.
Analysis of FAG bearings card injury:
The injury is due to the damage to sliding surface of part of the small burns summary of surface damage. Slide surface, the direction of the rolling surface circumferential linear scars at the end of the roller linear scars and near the end of the roller shaft torus card.
Reason: too much load, excessive preloading.
Poor lubrication
Bit like foreign bodies.
Tilt of the inner ring and outer ring, shaft, bearing box of poor precision.
The size of the measures: check the load.
Preloading is appropriate.
Improve lubricant and lubricating method.
Check the shaft, the precision of the bearing housing.
Different definitions of bearing life
One of them is "working life," said bearing under the condition of actual work, life actually reached before failure. The life of the individual bearing Must be paid attention to, only through statistical method to forecast. Life calculation is just for the reliability of the bearing group and a certain program, about 90%. There was a fault in the actual use is usually not caused by fatigue, more is caused by pollution, corrosion, wear, right, or cage, lubricants or seal failure.
Another "life" is the agreed life, formulated by the lawsuit party departments or institutions designated industry standards, and based on some assumed load and speed for the working conditions. This is basically all the basic rating life of bearing, are generally according to the experience of similar application.
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