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1. Spray the trim on the entire wall behind the bed frame, top and bottom. Use the red straw to get into any cracks or edges that you can identify.
2. Spray the exposed electrical, telephone or internet boxes, and carefully put the plates back on.
3. Treat the bed frame tops, sides, back and bottoms. Be sure to spray some DX with the red straw into any holes that metal bed frames may have. Once individual parts have been sprayed re-assemble the bed frame, and move back to the wall or its original area.
4. Spray the back and sides of the headboard, as well as any edges that may help holding the headboard to the wall. Make sure to also spray the wall where the headboard may attach to the wall. Pay special attention to any holes that may have been made when securing the headboard to the wall.
5. Spray the box spring interior (the area where you removed the dust guard earlier), bottom and side edges. Ensure the corner bumpers are sprayed also (the plastic corner on the bottom of the box spring). Once sprayed, put the box spring back on the frame and spray the top and sides paying special attention to any areas that showed signs of bugs or eggs, and the piping.
6. Spray the mattress bottom next and make sure to spray the edges and piping and any areas of the ‘comfort fit’ types of mattresses. Place the mattress on top of the box spring, then spray the sides and top of the mattress.
7. Spray the bottom and backs of the cabinets/end tables and move back into place.
8. Spray the backs of any photos or pictures and place back onto the wall. Be sure to spray the area that holds the picture to the wall.
DX13 Pre-Treatment Instructions
9. Clean Unit – All garbage and debris to be removed (if possible). The less ‘clutter’ the better the chance of success.
10. All clothing to be bagged and/or laundered and placed on high heat dryer setting (unless garments are dry clean only) to kill any bugs at all ages of the life cycle. Clothes and shoes that cannot be laundered/dried are to be placed into bags only.
11. Bedding to be stripped of sheets, covers, and pillows (launder if possible on high heat dry setting)
12. Vacuum the bed and box spring(s) all sides paying special attention to the ‘piping’ (the seams where the edges and sides meet) to ensure any living bugs or eggs are removed. Please make sure to remove the ‘dust guard’ (the little material on the bottom of the box spring and discard – Any bugs hiding in the box spring are very difficult to detect through this material. Removing it makes it more likely to successfully treat issues with greater results).
13. Bed frame. Depending on what type of bed frame you have (metal, wood, or custom material/design), disassemble, and if possible move away from the wall and vacuum the joints and hollow areas to remove living bugs or eggs).
14. Vacuum trim on the walls directly behind the bed and entire wall.
15. Headboard. Remove the headboard if applicable. Vacuum all corners, connections to wall, holes and/or zippered areas depending on the type of headboard you have.
16. Cabinets/side tables/end tables. Empty the contents checking for bugs and signs of feces the whole time. Vacuum the entire cabinet/side table/end table drawers, bottom, and back.
17. Pictures. Remove all pictures closest to the affected areas, and vacuum the edges and back.
18. Using a screwdriver, carefully remove any electrical, telephone, or internet plates and inspect for bug activity.
19. Floors to be vacuumed and/or mopped directly under the bed.
Please note: Once all vacuuming has been completed, please remove the bag from the vacuum and dispose of carefully using a large garbage bag and dispose into the trash/garbage can.
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at: bed bug infestation, diatomaceous earth bed bugs, bed bug problem, how to treat bed bugs, bed bug control.
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