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300 blackout brass, 308 Winchester brass, 300 RUM brass, Starline brass, 450 Bushmaster brass

38 Long Colt brass (Starline, QTY 100)
100 factory new STARLINE unprimed 38 Long Colt brass, uses small pistol primers
HISTORY: The 38 Long Colt can be considered a short 38 Special and can be fired in most firearms chambered for 38 Special/357 Magnum. Introduced by Colt in 1875 as a black powder cartridge as a slightly more powerful version of the 38 Short Colt. Adopted by the Army in the M1892 Colt New Army Revolver and was used during the Philippine Insurrection and then discontinued shortly afterwards.
220 Wilson Arrow cartridge
220 Wilson Arrow by Wilson & Wotkyne circa about 1940, is a modified 220 Swift with a longer neck. This lot is formed from Remington-UMC 220 Swift brass loaded with 55 grain Hollow Point. Powder and charge a unknown, the individual rounds are sold as a relic only.
For more info a Ken Waters article “220 Wotkyns-Wilson Arrow” found in volume 102 Rifle Magazine March/April 1983 issue
270 Winchester 130 grain ammo (S&W, QTY 10)
Package of 10 Smith & Wesson Ammunition Company 270 Winchester 130 grain Pointed Soft Point.
Ammunition is bright and shinny, the plastic clam shell package is yellowed with time, has tape holding together.
Duck Creek Sporting Goods LLC (DCSG) is America’s best source for factory new and processed cartridge cases. Processed brass is classified as ONCE FIRED or USED. All fired reloading brass has been wet method cleaned and usually deprimed creating “AS NEW” appearance. Used brass sold here is 50% of new pricing, Once Fired sold at 70% of new inventory sold here. Inspection period provided..
DCSG offers new and “older stock” bullets and reloading dies. We also have limited supplies of classic factory ammunition.
357 SIG brass (1X fired, QTY 114)
Processed ONCE FIRED 357 SIG pistol brass. Brass cases have been polished, appearance is as new (shell cases have not been de-primed) 114 cases per bag, UNIT COST .07 CENTS EACH.
Note: Please inspect used brass prior to use to insure cases are free from defects. The goal of Duck Creek is to sell only quality components, unless noted in the description we do not know how many times brass has been previously fired. Used brass sold “AS IS’, three day inspection periods are granted, buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Brass has been processed ( wet method cleaned), appearance is “AS NEW”.
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at 300 blackout brass, 308 Winchester brass, 300 RUM brass, Starline brass, 450 Bushmaster brass
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