Ways To Get The Much-Needed Sleep To Look And Feel Best On Your Wedding Day

Posted November 19, 2019 by davidwilliam

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and pre-wedding day jitters and stress often lead to restless nights. But you need to know ways to avoid tossing and turning all night so you can look and feel your best on your wedding day.

It goes without saying that the butterflies in your stomach will most probably not enable you to get a ton of sleep the night before your wedding, but it’s also true that you’ll end up utterly exhausted on your wedding day if you let your mind-racing keep you up at night.
Here are some simple tips from some of the top New Jersey wedding planners so that you get enough rest the night before your wedding:
Create a Proper Sleep Schedule- Experts recommend adhering to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, which will help improve the functionality of your internal clock which in turn is responsible for creating a sleep loop that aligns itself with sunrise and sunset. See for yourself that you might not even need an alarm after a few weeks.
There’s no running away from the fact that weddings are on the list for top most stressful life events despite being a joyous occasion, which can take a toll on couples so the sooner you establish healthy sleep habits the better.
Avoid Coffee Late In The Night- Caffeine is obviously well-known for keeping people awake and helping to stay focused throughout the day, but it’s best to stay away from drinks and foods containing stimulants, or make sure you consume them early in the day as they can block sleep neurotransmitters even in moderate doses. Do not drink coffee after 4 pm as caffeine stays in the blood for 6 – 9 hours before it fully digest.
Put The Gadgets Away- Brides should avoid using their phone, tablet or laptop late at night as they emit blue light, which is said to delay the production of melatonin, so keeping the body awake. Overexposure to this kind of light makes us feel harder to fall asleep.
Pull The Plug On Your Electronics- Watching television to wind down before sleeping can actually negatively impact the sleep cycle because it encourages you to stay up late than you would naturally.
Avoid Alcohol- With consumption of alcohol before going to bed, your sleep quality will go down and you’ll get dehydrated. Although it can help you to fall asleep faster, but will keep waking you up and keep you from falling into the deep sleep stage.
Relax And Stay Calm- Almost everyone feels stressed in the run up to their wedding. You can’t help but feeling anxiety a night regardless of how simple your plans are. You can try out relaxation activities at night, such as reading a book, listening to music or taking a hot bath, which have shown to have a positive effect on sleep quality.
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