RS3 Purchasable Color Wheel: Is In-game MTX Acceptable for You?

Posted May 25, 2015 by dangreen

Recently, the color wheel was introduced to RS3, allowing players to customize your SGS outfits with different colors

Recently, the color wheel was introduced to RS3, allowing players to customize your SGS outfits with different colors. However, it has become, after Action Bar issue, another controversial topic due to its requirement of Runescape coins to buy prismatic colors. Moreover, it even caused a petition for free color wheel, which further process to a discussion on MTX.

Details of color wheel update

RS3 Color Wheel

According to Mod Sayln, the color wheel is confirmed to release after players’ long-term requirement. It allows players to further customize SGS outfits by buying extra prismatic dyes. Originally, when you pay for a dye, you will unlock one slot and set any color you wish. The choosing color will always belong to you without any limitation on using amount. If you’d like to pick another prismatic color, it will cost another prismatic dye and unlock another slot, up to a total of 8. When you have total 8 colors and still want a new one, you can still pay for it, but it will override one current color. Prices are set as below: 195 runescape coins for 2 Prismatic Dyes, 350 runescape coins for 4 Prismatic Dyes, and 625 for 8 Prismatic Dyes, meaning that you will get more discounts when buying more dyes.

Complaints & suggestion about MTX

As this update has been expected to be free offer for a long time, it seems unacceptable when hearing that it requires paying for using. Some players told that they actuallylike cosmetics, but cannot accept so much things work behind paywall, experience outfits, protean items, spring cleaners,... those should be free and available to everyone. Stuff that gives an advantage should be earned, not bought.

To deal with the argument about MTX, some suggestions are pointed out as following:

1. MTX updates only happen either every other week, or the same frequency as quality game updates (not patch weeks). This means a maximum of 3 MTX updates a month can be accepted.

2. Pay to Win content should be stopped, nerfed heavily, or made easily accessible in game permanently. In addition, Pay to Win content should not be overpowered if every person obtained it. Simply said, nerf it or remove it.

3. Make them transparent so that players can see and easily communicate with Jmod team about these issues.

Explanation from Jagex Balance

Based on this hot discussion, Jagex balance has given his explanation-the current colors you have access would remain free, but these are in addition to the current ones, which won’t make you lose anything. And he takes t-shirt as an example to explain that purchasable color is not equal to pay twice- assuming you have bought a t-shirt before and still want to buy another when there is better option, which cannot be regarded as twice payment, so is color wheel.

It seems not an easily-solve problem. In fact, things are always developing from criticism and improvement. Perhaps more understanding is needed to promote our beloved game to be better. Anyway, RS3gold does hope there would be a satisfactory solution soon, and welcome every player in need to buy cheap rs 3 gold for sale here!


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