Potential Idea: XP Boosts or Combat Season to Make a Playable Deadman Mode in OSRS

Posted June 15, 2015 by dangreen

The highly-anticipated Deadman Mode eventually came out OSRS Dev Blog with more details on contents

The highly-anticipated Deadman Mode eventually came out OSRS Dev Blog with more details on contents. And Jagex also told that it won’t come before this October, so there is still some time for players gain cheap rs 2007 gold for ready and give feedback to make it better. Now move forward to see its’ contents and some potential ideas from players.

Part I: Punishments and risk in Deadman Mode

1. Stats lowered: All of your stats are lowered by 7 levels upon your death to prevent the impossibility of defeat for high rankers. It will become stale if there are only high-level players to reign over the world, so lower level on death is to make balance.

2. Items lost: If you die in combat, your bank key will drop while the winner can pick up it to hop into your bank and even inventory. With this key, he can get all items from you if they like, of course except for untradeable ones.

3. City Guards: Apart from above death punishments, you will face higher risk with the addition of city guards, who will attack you any time when they find you are PKing, while they are harmless to players who are out of PK skull. Peace or risk, it all depends on you!

Part II: Ideas to make a long-term playable deadman mode

The concerned Deadman Mode has received many suggestions since it was introduced in April. And this time although Jagex has provided stats-lowering measure to make a balance, high rankers still have more advantages than low rankers. To attract more players and give accounts some longevity, some players have provided the below suggestions:

1. XP Boosts: 98 XP for Level1, 97 XP for Level 2, 96 XP for level3, and proportionally reduce by this way. In deadman mode it will take hours and hours to build up stats, if you die it could be days or weeks of progress lost. People will play once then get bored until there are only a few high levels left who haven't died. Giving a major xp boost for all skills would solve this problem since it grants low-level players a chance of catching up, and also gives high-level players a chance of restart after being dead. Thus, they can spend more time having fun rather than trying to grind back up for a long time.

2. Combat Season: Make deadman mode into like 1-2 month season, and first week or couple days etc would be safe time before players start PVP. And once you die you need to start on a new season. There could be like 2-4 seasons running at same time all 2 week apart so if you die on the first days of 1st season you just wait couple days to start on another one. The Combat Season is also a chance for players who die in pvp to restart quickly, so to keep deadman mode attractive for more players.

Agree with these ideas or not, the development of Deadman Mode is finally up to community, so don’t hesitate to tell your thoughts. It is time to shape your game! Besides, don’t forget to buy osrs gold cheap on RS3gold and gear up to meet challenges in the new territory!


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