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A unique aquarium comes to player-owned house to showcase your fishing skills! To build your aquarium and unlock a variety of fishes, you have to level up your construction to level 63

A unique aquarium comes to player-owned house to showcase your fishing skills! To build your aquarium and unlock a variety of fishes, you have to level up your construction to level 63. Check more about how to train construction and fishing with cheap rs 3 gold for sale.

What are the Requirements?

1. To be a runescape member

2. Reach at 63 construction level

3. 20 fishing required

What are the contents and rewards?

1. Details of aquarium

The Aquarium update is in fact two rooms: a surface dry room, and an under-water aquarium sits below the surface room. The surface aquarium is POH fare, including hotspots, floor decoration, prawnbroker, diving suit, and bathysphere allows you to add fish to the Aquarium.

2. Rewards of aquarium

From 20 fishing, you can have a chance to get golden fish egg, which can introduce a fish of the type you were catching. Besides, you could get prawn balls (opened by one player) and prawn crackers (opened by two player, and both will get a reward) containing lots of rewards. The prawn rewards can also increase the chance of gaining golden fish eggs. Take the egg into the bathysphere to unlock an animated fish.

Besides, when get golden fish egg or prawn balls and crackers, players can acquire prawn perks to unlock a benefit or reward, including ability to fish without bait, cook sushi and other abilities.

A new fish type-the great white shark is also brought, which requires level 80 fishing and can be fished from any shark spot. Players can keep the shark as floating pet, cook it, or use it to make sushi items.

How to level up construction?

Construction is an expensive skill which requires you to pay much on material. Building mahogany tables (requires 6 mahogany planks) is currently the fastest way to train construction. So if you want to level up quickly, you need to buy a great mount of cheaprs3 goldfor the required mahogany planks.

1. Purchasing a house

To get started, pay estate agent for a house. Once you have your house, simply go to the Rimmington portal and enter your house. Then, build bookcases and oak chairs until you reach at 24 construction level.

2. Building a dining room

Make 39 oak tables and 10 carved oak tables in your dining room to reach at 33 construction level.

3. Building a kitchen

For levels 33-74, the fastest and most efficient way is to build a kitchen and make a total of 2,246 oak larders. If you have a butler bring the oak planks from you bank, you can make around 200k xp an hour.

4. Build a dungeon

This is the last stretch need to overcome to reach at 99 construction level. Firstly build a Fancy Garden and continue to build a dungeon. Make a total of 19,897 oak dungeon doors. Then you will achieve an amazing feat and reach 99 Construction!

How to train fishing?

1. Buy useful items for help

RS items could always help players gain much experience in runescape. Similarly, for fishing, you could buy swordfish fishing gloves and shark fishing gloves, both of which could increase the experience gained per fish caught by 100 exp.

2. Drop fishes rather than bank them

The fastest way to train fishing is not by banking the fish but instead dropping them. When you catch more than one type of fish, you need to drag each specific type of fish onto the action bar. And when the inventory gets full, just drop the fish you don’t want.

3. Catch the best fishes

Catching best fishes will help you level up more quickly. Lobster is probably the best one since it can be caught fast. Once you get to a certain level, you would find it easy to catch fresh lobsters full of inventory. Besides, monkfish is also a good choice. There are a lot of monkfishes since few players catch them. At the same time, fishing monkfish can also make some money. Finally, fishing shark will help you to gain much experience.

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