Plastic products category (by using the characteristics of classification)

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First, by using the characteristics of classification

Plastic Product Categories
According to name different types of plastics used feature, usually plastic into common plastics, engineering plastics and specialty plastics three types.

① GE Plastics

Generally refers to the production of large, versatile, forming a good, cheap plastic. GE Plastics has five varieties, namely polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and ABS. They are thermoplastics.

② plastic

Generally it refers to can withstand external force, has good mechanical properties and resistance to high and low temperature properties, good dimensional stability, can be used as plastics engineering structures, such as polyamide, polysulfone and the like.

In turn divided into general-purpose engineering plastics engineering plastics and special engineering plastics into two categories.

General engineering plastics include: polyamides, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, modified polyphenylene ether, thermoplastic polyester, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, methylpentene polymer, vinyl alcohol copolymer.

Special engineering plastics have crosslinked non-crosslinked type of points. Crosslinked include: polyamino bismaleamic, poly triazine, crosslinked polyimide, heat-resistant epoxy resin and other means. Non-crosslinked include: polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polyphenylene sulfide, polyimide, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), etc.

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Generally refers to a special function, it can be used for plastic aviation, aerospace and other special applications. Such as fluorine plastic and silicone has outstanding high temperature, self-lubricating and other special functions, reinforced plastics and foams with special properties of high strength, high damping, these plastics are all areas of specialty plastics.

a strong plastic: reinforced plastic material in the shape can be divided into granular (eg Gaisu reinforced plastics), fibers (such as glass fiber or glass cloth-reinforced plastic), the sheet (such as mica reinforced plastics) three. Press material can be divided Burkina reinforced plastic (such as rags to enhance or asbestos reinforced plastics), inorganic mineral-filled plastic materials (such as quartz or mica filled plastic), fiber reinforced plastics (such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics) three.

. b Foam: Foam can be divided into rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams three. Rigid foam no flexibility, compression great hardness, only up to a certain stress was deformed, not restitution after stress relief; soft foam full flexibility, compression hardness is small, it is easily deformed, stress relief after energy restitution, residual deformation small; hard between his soft foam semi-rigid foam between flexibility and other properties.
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