Plastic parts common inspection standards

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1 include size, appearance, function detects all plastic parts for IQC incoming inspection, but also with suitable QC, QA quality control in the production process and the finished product acceptance inspection.

2 Sample mold after completion designer should sample letters like, at least two check samples, a seal in the Association of Manufacturers, a company IQC sealed in place, as an acceptable incoming physical standards, the quality of the dispute occurred as a basis for judgment. Designers should from time to time to seal the sample for inspection to confirm whether to continue as a reference sample test, sample problems if found, should not be the basis for judging the quality of the designer should re-sign board, old samples Obsolete. Quality samples preserved sample of department shall be responsible for and found a decline in the quality of the sample cause problems, should immediately contact the designer. For various reasons the mold modification, the designer should re-sign board in the revised stability in order to replace the old sample. 3 category definitions

3.1 plastic parts Categories
A, internal use plastic parts: assembly inside the product, under normal conditions of use, the user will not see.
B, External plastic parts: after assembly show on the outside, the user can directly see or be seen after open.
C, transparent plastic pieces: a variety of transparent material injection molded plastic parts.

3.2 defect zoning
The main surface: Under normal conditions of use can directly see the surface.
Secondary side: under normal conditions of use can not be directly visible surfaces.

4 Dimensional inspection unless otherwise noted, according to the technical requirements of plastic parts incoming inspection, if not for dimensional inspection, subject to the check sample, need to check the size, must be indicated in the design drawings. No Note dimensional tolerances according to the aforementioned technical conditions for inspection.

5 flame retardant test by drawing to UL94 standard. Reference test method GB / T 2408-1996

6 visual inspection for internal use plastic parts: in normal light, a distance of 500mm, to make judgments within 5 seconds. External plastic parts: in normal light, a distance of 500mm, to make judgments within 5 seconds.

Transparent Plastic parts: in normal light, a distance of 300mm, to make judgments within 5 seconds. (Normal light is defined as the natural light or illumination in approximate natural light 300-600LX, such as 40W fluorescent lamp, 500mm distance)

Visual inspection items:
(1) Color unevenness such defects, whether found in the major or minor side surface, are not acceptable.
(2) Modification to the check samples or drawings as the standard sample deformation no more than is required to explain the special survey on the design drawings.
(3) the crack surface of the top white, Obscure (spot), black carbonized material shortage of such defects, whether found in the major or minor side surface, are not acceptable.
(4) burr burr in principle to accept the incoming band, but without compromising the appearance, function, assembly, acceptance through subsequent processing of incoming, incoming appearance quality not lower than samples.
(5) surface has shrunk, then waterlines, Moire, wire lines to the sign as a standard sample, such defects with less than samples. (6) Regardless of surface stains appear in the major or minor side surface, are not acceptable.
(7) Design Center signed color to the color of the standard sample, detected with colorimeter.
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