Mold quality control points

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Mold quality control points

A, the rationality of the mould design
Structure design is reasonable is the key to the quality of a complete set of mold, mold production cycle, so for the mold structure design and manufacturing process must attach great importance to, be sure to do reasonable as far as possible, to get twice the result with half the effort. Thus design it necessary to pay attention to the following:

1. When the mould structure design should pay attention to how to make the production process, easy to do. Plastic pieces of the size of some key parts (such as dimension, high precision size or contract) in areas such as the uneven tolerance reserve the direction of the steel material selection, so that need change after test module and have a chance of correction, and avoid possible welding such as remedies.

2. Mold design for putting small and more or mold eccentric structure, mould should be under the guide pillar structure. The launch of the hole for multiple rib ventilation window can decorate a few first, but pay attention to the position of the reserved (avoid water), so that can increase when necessary to launch holes or increase the rib Angle so that the mold. Strict in plastic parts shape and can't feed, try to adopt the way of diving or putting diving feed.

3. The mould design is completed, need comprehensive review all drawing size especially mutual need to fit the size and type bit size accurate, can only be a formal processing drawings, all employees participating in the mold production to each process control according to the requirements of size. Second, the quality control of mold material
We manufacture I mold are small batch or single production, processing process is complex, manufacturing cycle is long, the mould parts of raw materials for processing using even affected the quality of the mould of a complete set of, according to the present production condition, from the mold production necessary
The aspects of mould materials for quality control.
1. Should choose fixed, with stable quality assurance materials suppliers. For key mold parts material, required to provide product certification; When necessary for material composition test, inspection quality inspection, etc.

2. The material into the factory inspection work earnestly. Requirements:
1) material chemical composition is correct. (use spark discriminant);
2) good quality of materials and forging surface smooth, no obvious crack folding, scarring, slag inclusion, open side after texture
Even, no cracks, porosity, slag inclusion and other surface; 3) delivery hardness appropriate size (HRC26-32) right;

4) die set to check the datum, the parting surface precision, A and B plate material quality, and provide mould frame factory inspection requirements
The report.

3. The production process at any time to monitor quality of materials, die set, found that the problem is detailed record and feedback management personnel handling.
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