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Our company has ten years of experience in mold manufacturing and injection molding, injection molding products for rigorous testing to ensure product quality. Commonly used to detect divided into the following four categories:
Quality Inspection injection products are divided into: 1, 2 visual inspection, dimensional inspection products 3, 4 strength test, aging test
Visual inspection:
Appearance of the article inspection standards, criteria, the product appearance inspection standards, criteria, standard
Weld marks, dents, material flow marks, silver (gas mark), silver (gas mark), albino, crack, impurity color gloss, transparency (refractive index), transparency (refractive index), scratch marks gate processing, overflow edge (burr), words and symbols
Products dimensional inspection:
(1) The size of the test method products: production; ambient temperature; gauges; record; products: production; ambient temperature; gauges; record; judgment
(2) measuring self-tapping screw holes
(3) with the size of the test
(4) measuring the warpage of the part
(5) microscope inspection dimensions
Strength test:
Impact strength drop test bending test self-tapping screw boss creep strength and fatigue strength of thermal cycles
Aging test weathering:
Definition: the aging of the plastic occurs four reasons: ultraviolet light, heat, air, ozone and other ingredients, and other microorganisms. Ozone and other ingredients in the air, micro-organisms and the like. Aging mechanism is the use of products from the oxidation start indoor location in direct sunlight should also consider requirements for weather resistance to environmental stress cracking define environmental stress cracking conditions occur: ① "stress concentration" or gap "stress;" gap "; ② stress; ③ technical quality of the work environment regulations medium
Technical quality of work order (a)
(A) into a product before the craft is required to confirm the quality standards, there is no product standard shall promptly notify the competent authorities and inform the scheduling technique can not be put into production. Use of raw materials must have inspection reports, qualified before use, a single laboratory should be archived.
(B) In general, the use has been confirmed that the materials, such as pigments, can not be recognized, informs the scheduler to use. Direct contact with food products or have special requirements due technical requirements, and technical documents archived.
(C) product inspection work should be standards-based, carry out three standards (GB, product inspection work should be standards-based, (GB, the Department of Enterprise standard), when implementing the highest standards as the basis.) Make sure the product level, shall be carried out according to the standard quality inspector. In addition to the workshop workshop director, technical director of the Factory in addition, according to technical standard product grades can be changed to any other person entitled to change the product grade or secretly altered the product grade.
Technical quality of work order (b)
(A) The inspector must be responsible for the quality of the product, the product according to classification, are stored in the specified location, according to the volume, grade storage.
(B) Where a product has more than 15% class of non-genuine, Technical Director shall immediately convene the workshop scheduling, craft, administrator and technical backbone for analysis resolved.
(C) the feed rod, waste should be broken, and new material blended use by a certain percentage, the blending ratio of the technical requirements issued by the craft, substandard arrangements for storage by the dispatcher.
(D) must be published before the craft production process of order cards and concise clear quality standards, no such technical documents, scheduling the right to refuse production.
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