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Cnmoulding plastic mould factory and injection molded plastic products maker in China. Manufactures and exports quality OEM plastic injection molding parts and plastic moulds for injection molding &mould making

Most industrial and agricultural plastic parts by injection molding, the plastic itself has such a high design accuracy, the use of special engineering plastics processing, can not be used in these conventional plastic injection molding, but must be precision injection molding technology. In order to ensure the performance of these precision plastic parts, quality and reliability and stability of long-term use, the injection molding of high quality, in line with the requirements of the product design of plastic products, must, injection molding equipment and mold design and injection molding of plastic materials and injection molding process on-site management improvement.

We usually say is the precision injection molding precision injection molded shape should meet strict dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances and surface roughness. To be precise injection must have many related conditions, and the most essential is a plastic material, injection mold, injection molding process and injection equipment which four fundamental factors.

When the design of plastic products, plastic materials should be selected first, and plastic injection molding and precision can be selected high mechanical properties, dimensional stability, good creep resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking of the material. Second, the selection should be based on plastic material, the dimensional accuracy of the finished product, the piece weight, and the quality requirements of the desired mold structure selected suitable injection molding machine. In the process, the factors affecting precision injection molding products, mainly from the aspect of the mold temperature, injection molding process control, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity changes of the magnitude of the production site and the acquired products annealing treatment.

On precision injection molding, the mold is one of the keys to achieve the required quality, precision plastic products, precision injection molds should earnestly comply with the product size, accuracy and shape requirements, mold material should be strictly selected. But even if the precision of the mold, uniform size, the actual size of the molded plastic article will be inconsistent due to shrinkage differences. Therefore, effective control of shrinkage of plastic products is very important in precision injection molding technology.

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