Injection mold technical requirements

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In order to improve the quality of mold quality, minimize mold quality complaints, customer satisfaction to mold, mold manufacturing FAQs summarize, draw conclusions, and the establishment of standards, as required to perform.

Needs to be done between 1 less than 2020 embryos die, a, b board pry the pit; more than 2020 embryos die between the ejector plate template includes all have to do pry the pit.

2. mold guide pins and bushings embryo processing exhaust ducts to prevent the guide pins and bushings strain.

3. The mold may not have sharp corners, need chamfering. Except where specified.

The inner mold and mold parts without consent may not have welding.

5. Mold periphery must be open exhaust ducts in place, the exhaust groove specifications refer to the mold design manual.

6. possible, avoid using grinding machine grinding on the mold, if you must use grinding machining, oil stone province must light (especially sub-surface)

7. The surface treatment of plastic-mold planes must be performed in accordance with the bom table, or other formal notification requirements. Plane of non-rubber processing lines (line cutting, milling machines, cnc gong bed, sparks machine) but also light oil stone province.

8. All material within the mold, the mold base level requirements must be based on purchase orders, or the design review process formally recognized technical requirements. You must provide material proof, if it die, the report must provide a heat treatment. All relevant evidence.

9. mold all around the mold inserts, row position, slant, straight top (push blocks), shovel chicken needs a waist circle pit bit on the bottom or side of the process, and the hardness of the material were carved out.

10. The line position, push block, shovel chicken, jack mouth and other important parts must be easy to wear nitride hardening process.

11. The line position must be located. Positioning methods are slingshot, wave beads, hasco (dme) standard line position clip etc., in accordance with the specific needs of each project requirements. Line position requires layering, wear plate. Layering, wear plate must wear a hard material, we need to add tank.

12. The line position angle pin must be pressed, and not turn loose. Bevel Pillar tail must be processed into hemispherical or truncated conical shape, help ensure normal movement line position. There are two or more than two angle pin, length, size and inclination angle pin must have the same position on the same line.

13. Slant seat must wear a hard material. Slant to processing tank, the lifter seat general use 2510 or cr12 hardened to hrc40-45 degree, because lifter seat by the impact load, it is not too hard otherwise it will break, and positioned at right angles at all corners chamfered c ʱ?? It requires the lifter guide plate (bronze). You may not welding.

14. The flow channel and into the plastic bits need to provincial light # 400-600.

15. thimble, Division tube, shut thimble, lifter and ejector plate to be engraved with the corresponding identification code, easy to install. If the product, thimble location is not level, we need to make tailstocks "d" type or the use of anti-resale key positioning.
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