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Posted September 1, 2015 by cnmoulding

Cnmoulding plastic mould factory and injection molded plastic products maker in China. Manufactures and exports quality OEM plastic injection molding parts and plastic moulds for injection molding &mould making

① core cavity and a three-dimensional profile. External and internal shape of plastic parts by direct molding cavity and core of these complex three-dimensional surface machining more difficult, especially within the cavity molding surface machining blind hole, if the traditional processing methods, not only requiring high skill level of workers, auxiliary fixtures more tools and more, and a long processing period.

② accuracy and surface quality requirements, long service life requirements. Currently dimensional accuracy requirements are generally plastic parts for 1T6? 1T7, dimensional precision surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1um injection mold parts required to achieve 1T5? 1T6, surface roughness Ra0.1um less. Long-life plastic injection mold for mention Gao efficiency and reduce costs necessary to present the life of the injection mold generally require more than one million times. Precision injection molding to use the stiffness of the mold. Increase the thickness of the template Increasing support column or cone positioning

Element to prevent deformation of the mold under pressure, internal pressure can sometimes reach lOOMPa. Top of the device is an important factor affecting the product deformation and dimensional accuracy, so you should choose the best top of the point to make uniform throughout the release. Precision injection molds most used in the structure or spelling mosaic structure, which requires precision mold parts interchangeability are greatly improved.

③ long process, the manufacturing time is tight. For injection molded parts, mostly with other components to form a complete package of products, and in many cases are in other parts have been completed, the eagerly awaiting public on supporting injection molded parts. Because of the product's shape or size of high precision, combined due to the characteristics of the resin material is different, after the completion of mold manufacturing, also requires repeated tryout and revision, enabling developers and delivery time is very tight.

④ remote design, remote manufacturing. Mold manufacturing is not the ultimate goal, but to present the final product design, mold making factory according to user requirements design and manufacture molds by the user, and in most cases, the products of other manufacturers also produce injection. This situation resulted in the design, mold design and manufacture products, production of products carried out in different places.

⑤ specialization, dynamic combination. Mold production volume is small, generally belong to a single piece of production, but the mold needs a lot of standard parts, large mold, small thimble, these should not and can not just be done by a single manufacturer, and manufacturing process complexity, general equipment and CNC devices use very uneven.
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