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Posted July 2, 2015 by cnmoulding

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No shot full (lack of material)
1. Injection pressure is insufficient; 2. insufficient-pressure protection; 3. inadequate injection time; 4. feed (accumulator) is inadequate; 5. radio material staging location is too small; 6. exit end position is too small; 7 injection speed not fast enough; 8 ﹑ tube nozzle temperature is not enough; 9 mold temperature is not enough; insufficient raw material drying temperature, time 10; 11 injection molding cycle is too fast, inadequate warm-up; 12 uneven mixing of raw materials; (backpressure lack of speed is not enough) 13. lack of liquidity of raw materials; (product too thin wall) 14. Mold venting is inadequate; 15. Die feed uneven; 16. cold well poorly designed; 17. cold discharge port is too small, direction is unreasonable; 18 mold cavity plastic flow is unreasonable; 19 mold cooling uneven; 20 injection oil road inaccurate ﹑ not fast enough; 21 electric system instability, imprecise; 22 nozzle leakage of material, there are foreign body stuck; 23. ﹑ screw feed tube wall wear, poor cooperation;
2. flash (flash)
1. Injection pressure and too much pressure; 2. insufficient clamping at high pressure; 3. backpressure too; 4. injection and dwell time is too long; 5 accumulator and cooling time delay is too long; 6 down too long. Not fired thermal material; 7 injection pressure dwell too fast; 8 screw speed is too fast, the plastic shear, friction overheating; 9. casting tube temperature is too high;.. 10 ﹑ cavity mold temperature is too high uneven cooling; 11 injection stroke debugging unreasonable; 12 hold pressure switching point, injection end too; 13 mold assembly combination imprecise; 14 clamping a foreign body, inadequate transfer mode position; 15. Clamping not ﹑ precise parallel; 16 inadequate lubrication thimble ﹑ maintenance; 17. Slider ﹑ angle pin press-fitted in place; 18 cavity inserts not press into place, stays out of the mold surface; 19 inlet design reasonable uneven distribution ; 20 product design lead to somewhere at the end of the inner wall is too thin and too far; 21 unreasonably small inserts combinations, deformation prone; 22 inserts for wear due to production ﹑ ﹑ deformation fillet; 23 inserts No design stability ﹑ not hold together, reinforcement; 24. exhaust groove deep cavity;
3. bubbles (gas sores)
1. Paul insufficient pressure injection ﹑ pressure; 2. ﹑ raw material solid enough back pressure is too small; 3. injection speed too fast; 4. Storing too fast; 5. tube temperature is too high, mold temperature is too low; 6. material drying temperature, time shortage; 7 shot back too much; 8. The injection cycle is too long; (warm-up time increases) is less than 9. feeding position, injection end is too small; 10. Front ﹑ retracted position after the song is too long; 11. The machine hydraulic instability; 12. tube ﹑ screw compression ratio is not enough; 13 under ﹑ uneven mixing raw materials; 14. tube reflux, are dead; 15 die inlet is too small ﹑ mold cavity flow not fast enough; 16. cold material improper well design, cold material into the mold cavity; 17 improper cooling mold, mold core temperature is too high; the inner wall 18. The design is too thick, uneven internal stress; improper feed additives 19, easy. Decomposition precipitation;
The crazing (rhyolitic)
1. Injection pressure is too small; 2. dwell too much pressure; 3 back pressure too; 4. injection speed is too slow, too fast packing; 5 ﹑ mold temperature material temperature is not high enough; 6 injection ﹑ dwell too long; 7 injection stroke debugging improper ﹑ hold pressure switching points too; 8 ﹑ drying materials is not too much water; 9. poor material flow, the viscosity is too high; 10 injection molding machine is not fast enough ﹑ precision; 11 die inlet is too big or too small; 12 ﹑ secondary runner sprue size is not big enough; 13 the flow direction of the mold cavity is unreasonable; 14. ﹑ mold surface irregularities with oil;
5. Pack the wind (burns. Coke)
1. Injection pressure ﹑ too fast; 2. backpressure too; 3. screw feeder too fast; 4 cylinder temperature is too high; 5 cycle time is too long or too fast; 6. Front ﹑ song retracted position too; 7 materials is not drying; 8. feedstock good liquidity, too much time feeding than or dust; 9. additive unstable, decompose precipitation; 10 mold venting groove deep enough ﹑ wide follow-up row gas shortage; 11 runner ﹑ feed uneven; 12 die with tight clamping force is too large; 13 die dirty vents blocked by oil ﹑ halogen scale; 14 mold design and processing methods are not reasonable overall cavity too; 15 injection molding machine ﹑ precision temperature control is not stable; 16. tube countercurrent or dead inside; 17 nozzle leakage of material and filling the mouth with insufficient; 18. screw head (split spindle) is not Reasonable or broken; 19 inlet is too small, the flow of complex mold cavity;
6. brittle plastic body
1. Paul insufficient injection pressure; 2. ﹑ raw material solid enough back pressure is too small; 3. the back pressure is too large, cut ﹑ friction heat rises; 4. firing rate is too slow, not fully crystallized; 5. mold temperature is too high, Decomposition ﹑ ﹑ raw excesses deterioration; 6. The mold temperature is too low, not fully crystallized; 7. Paul insufficient pressure injection ﹑ time; 8. downtime and cycle time is too long; 9 material storage time is too long; 10. The second charge was added too much or too much dust; 11. ﹑ raw strength and toughness is not enough, not enough viscosity; 12. additives unreasonable, or add too much; 13 materials is not fully dried; uneven mold cavity 14. The structure of the junction too far ; 15 Die feed uneven, cold material well enough; 16. The inner wall is too thin product design, no radiation help strengthen; 17 injection molding machine ﹑ precision temperature instability; 18. tube countercurrent or dead inside; 19 The top of the unreasonable, plastic body stress increases, resulting in rupture; 20 improper handling post-cooling plastic body, easy to crack
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