IML technology introduction

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The IML Chinese name: mould insert molding Its process is very significant features are: surface is a layer of hardening of the transparent thin film, the middle is printed pattern layer, the back is plastic layer, because the ink caught in the middle, can make the product to prevent surface is scratched and friction resistance, and can keep the color bright not easy fade for a long time.

The IML technology introduction

Keywords: on IML IMD molding process

1. The concept of on IML
IMD (In Mold Decoration) is a kind is placed In the injection mould to decorate the plastic Film Film appearance on the surface of the new technology. IMD currently there are two kinds of methods, one kind is the printed Film roll Film made into circulation drum belt, installed in the injection molding machine and injection molds, like the tag Label on front mould surface automatic cycle produced with mobile; People call it the IMD (in mold transfer molding).

The other is a good Film Film printing machine after Forming Forming, again after shearing is placed in the injection mould. Is called on IML film (in the mould injection molding). The Film in general can be divided into three layers: base material (PET) normally, printing INK layer (INK), agglutination materials (as a special kind of glue).
When the injection is completed, through the role glue Film and plastic together together, because itself is surface of wear resistant protective Film PET in the outermost layer, have the effect of the wear resistance and scratch resistance, its surface hardness can be up to 3 h, and will feel more and more bright. The molding material, PBT, PC, PMMA, etc. The diagram below:

2, IML craft process
Cutting material - print - ink dry fixed - stick protective Film - flush positioning hole - thermoforming - cutting peripheral shape - material injection molding process is as follows: details are as follows: 1) cutting material: cut rolls of Film Film has good design size square piece, for printing, molding process.
2) print: according to the requirements of the ICONS and text made into a Film, on the square piece cut out good Film Film printing icon and text.
3) ink drying is fixed: square the printed Film Film placed in high temperature oven drying, purpose is fixed on IML ink.
4) stick protective Film: avoid rush in positioning hole process with flowers has printed Film Film surface, sometimes need to put a single or double protective Film.
5) blunt positioning hole: thermoforming positioning hole must be crossroads. The shear process sometimes prior to positioning hole punching.
6) thermoforming (high pressure or copper) : the printed film, after heating with high pressure machine or copper molding in preheating condition.
Shape: 7) shear periphery to forming good stereoscopic film scrap shear off.
8) material injection: after the molding and mold three-dimensional shape exactly the same as the film on the front mold, injection molding on IML products.

3,The advantages and disadvantages of IML process
1) the film production cycle is short, can perform multiple colour;
2) can change design and color in production;
3) is the outermost layers on IML FILM, screen printing ink, in the middle tier, and bright and clean appearance, more to touch the light, it has excellent resistance to scratch;
4) on IML production batch number is flexible, suitable for many kinds of small production
1) the early stage of the cycle is long;
2) easy to produce the film falls off, distortion, and so on and so forth;
3) the product defective rate is high.
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