Commonly used plastic raw materials

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Commonly used plastic raw materials

Acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymers (ABS)

1 three components of the role: acrylonitrile (A) - to make products high surface hardness, improved abrasion resistance, heat resistance, butadiene (B) - to enhance flexibility, toughness to maintain elasticity and impact strength. styrene (S) - to maintain good moldability (fluidity, coloring) and maintain a rigid material (Note: According to the components derived from a variety of different specifications grades).

2. ABS plating with good performance, but also all the best performance plastics plating.

3 due to the effect of butadiene component, ABS representing GPPS becomes significantly improved impact strength.

4. ABS light yellow opaque materials, products, surface gloss.

5. ABS smaller shrinkage, good dimensional stability.

6 intolerant organic solvent, such as soluble in ketones, aldehydes, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons to form an emulsion (ABS paste)

7 material blending performance (ABS + PVC) ~ improve the toughness, flame resistance, anti-aging ability. (APS + PC) ~ improve impact strength, heat resistance

ABS molding process to understand the

1 before the molding process to be fully dried so that the moisture content of
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