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biColor mold

A. bicolor forming principle
Two-color injection molding generally refers to two colors or different kinds of plastic molding, since the twotwo - color injection machine and the nozzle unit is separate and distinct, and therefore the color of the finished product is mostly clear two - color is not mixed together. Mold can be two different two - color characteristics of the resin and color, into a single color products, can reduce the molded product group legislature and post-treatment works. Save the cost of printing dissolved, increase the aesthetic visual effect of the product, enhance the added value of products. Not only have non-slip, increasing the friction function, flexible resin material to make it more ergonomic.

two - color injection molding machine and the general standard injection molding machine What is the difference?

two - color machine with the biggest difference lies in the general injection molding machine injection unit machine activity template design. In general, two-color machine has two independent separate injection unit, generally only one set of injection molding machine injection unit. Two configurations of the two injection units with the manufacturers of the design in many forms, as the activity template design is rotating mechanism must be provided, the general common design such as increasing the dial or shaft mechanism, so as to provide 180 ° reciprocating rotation, so that the mold to produce cyclic alternating movement. Another mold you do not need some special two - color wheel or shaft mechanism, but by mold or horizontal sliding alternately rotate.

B. Introduction bicolor mold
In the form of two - color mode
1. The two-color mode: two on the same plastic material injection molding machine, a two-molding, but the product is only the first mold. Usually this
Kinds of double injection molding process is also called, is usually done by a set of molds, and the need for specialized color injection molding machine. Which is divided into two 1-1. Carousel (rotary die holder) This mold has two male two female mold mold design time and points a shot and the secondary injection, usually once a feeding tube exit is on the left, two second injection on the right tube.
1-2 rotating plate like this mold structure focused above two male mold and two master mold, the difference is only in the rotation with the top two male mold base, and the rotation axis of rotation of the board is to use the board (male template) male die holder does not rotate, so the board shall be designed rotating shaft structure designed in the heart

2. overmold: two plastic materials are not necessarily on the same injection molding machine, a two-molding; product from a mold in the mold removed
, Then put another set of molds for the second injection molding. So, in general this molding process is usually done by two sets of molds, without the need for a dedicated two - color injection molding machine. Injection mold with its monochromatic mold structure is the same, mainly by adjusting the injection parameters to control the flow rate of material species binding sites.
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