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Posted May 31, 2017 by cinchtranslation

Why would there be a need for PDF translation services?

If you run a business or an organization that is expanding its field of operations overseas or

outside your own native country one of the most important choices that you will have to make is how you communicate with people who may not speak the same language as you. This is where professional language translation services come in. For more information please passport translation

Is there a cheap way to translate your documents?

Those businesses and individuals that have used translators and translation services for a while have often learned the hard way that the most economical way of getting your translation needs dealt with is to choose professional language translation services. The temptation at first is to skimp on the cost of translation. Why not let one of your own staff who is bilingual do the translations or better still why not use one of those free translation tools that are so easily accessed on the Internet?
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There are very good reasons why these are poor options and why professional language translation services should be chosen every time you want a translation completed.

Why you should avoid amateur translators

For a start, leaving translation to a member of staff who is not an experienced translator is like fixing a problem with your car yourself rather than leaving it with a mechanic. Professional translators are good at their job. They understand the importance of translating a document accurately and that it is aimed at the reader. Professional translators are aware of the importance of localization. Localization takes into account the fact that there are many linguistic nuances in every society. Good translators are aware of these nuances, differences in dialect and cultural peculiarities and adjust the translated version to fit.
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Why you should avoid computer translation tools

As for computer generated translations these are not yet up to the job of translating anything very accurately. At best, they are useful for very amateur translation tasks. The deficiencies in computer generated translation can very easily be tested. Just take a simple paragraph or two and paste it into a computer translation program and then get it to translate it into any language you like, say from English to German. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand German. Then take the text in the second language and paste it back again into the computer program and ask it to translate it back into English. Depending on the complexity of the language used it’s likely that it will be full of errors and awkward sounding text. Do you really want your company’s or organization’s material ending up like that? It makes your business seem amateur and incapable of taking your potential clients seriously.
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Even if you are not a business or organization, but simply an individual looking for a way of getting your documents translated, it is far more advisable to choose a professional language translation service. Whether it is because you are applying for a visa or a university course, your documents may need translating. You can’t do it yourself and if you leave it to an amateur your application may be rejected. Contact Cinch Translations. We are a professional language translation service with years of experience and the capacity to translate up to 90 different languages.
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