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You will know whether to get documents translated. They must be in English if you are applying for professional registration, a university course, a job or a visa in the U.S.

Degrees, diplomas and other educational qualifications often sit buried in a cupboard for years before they are needed. If you live and work in one place, you may never need them after the first time they had to be used for a job, or some other important occasion. However, if you move, especially to another country, the chances are that those documents will be needed all over again and you might need to translate them too, if the country you move to has another official language other than your own.

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A degree certificate translation is usually needed for job and visa applications which are linked to your qualifications. In many countries, if you need your qualifications accepted by a professional body, it is quite likely that you need to supply translations of all your educational qualifications, including transcripts of the actual course content. It makes sense to start early with these sorts of tasks rather than leave them too late. Visa applications to bodies like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) can take several months and you will only hold up the application process if you delay getting your important documents translated.

You will know whether to get documents translated. They must be in English if you are applying for professional registration, a university course, a job or a visa in the U.S. It makes sense to make a full list of the requirements and seek a reputable degree certificate translation service to translate all your personal documents at the same time. Generally, a U.S. based translation agency like Cinch Translations, will do a better job at document translation than one in your country, simply because the U.S. based translators will be used to the requirements of U.S. employers, universities and the USCIS itself.

Degree certificates are not usually readily replaced, so it is important to look after them once you have been given them. Replacement certificates and degrees can take ages to get replaced if you lose or damage a degree certificate and the university may even close down or lose record of your accomplishment altogether!

The USCIS is probably the most exacting of the U.S. organizations that will demand degree certificate translations. They are not so bothered about who the translator is, as long as it is not you, or a spouse, but the translation must be accurate and accompanied by a certificate attached signed by the translator to say that it is an accurate translation of the original.

Theoretically, you could get a friend or colleague to translate a degree certificate or any other document for you as long as their level of language fluency is good enough, but considering what is at stake, it doesn’t make sense to compromise on the cost of the translation required when the possibility of it being rejected is higher.

Genuine professional translators and translation agencies will be used to the particular requirements that the USCIS insist on. They are particularly fussy about things like seals and watermarks, as well as smudges and parts where the original certificate is torn or illegible. These are the sorts of things that are often common on degree certificates in particular and if not addressed can mean that your visa application gets sent back and you have to start from square one all over again!

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