Upgrade Your Air Filter: Improve Your Air Efficiency

Posted July 11, 2017 by caloosacooling1

Upgrade your Air Quality Filter for a better and fresher and healthier Home. Caloosa Cooling in Southwest Florida, Cape Coral & Fort Myers has several types of air filters with various efficiencies to clean the air at home.Call us now at 239-226-0202

Many of us now are suffering from health problems. The causes of which are exposed to outdoor pollution, lifestyle behavior, or exposed to toxic problems. Many have suffered from allergies. Did you know that indoor air can also affect your health?

Airborne pollutants such as molds, germs, bacteria and viruses are more productive where moisture is present. This greater activity and concentration of these airborne contaminants, equates to more allergic reactions, and sickness within families, for longer periods of time.

Your air duct interior and air conditioning equipment are where molds likely to produce, – especially in the air conditioners inside drain-pan where it is dark, damp, and filled with nutrient. The air that is blown from the system scattered all around the house. These organisms can multiply trillions in less than three weeks.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60% of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems and allergies may be mold-related. Nowadays, Air Conditioning demands increase and at the same time the increase of allergies. As mold and bacteria grow on coils and in drain pans, they are disseminated through the ducts to occupied spaces. Some mold products produce toxins which are harmful and produces deadly elements which are the main causes of allergy, asthma, pneumonia, hypersensitivity and in some extreme cases which is bleeding lung disease.

Luckily, Caloosa Cooling has found the most successful way to get rid of the bacteria and the viruses that causes health problems. These U.V systems are known to protect the health at home without any addition of chemicals, without harmful side effects, inexpensive, highly efficient and absolutely reliable.

Ultraviolet (U.V.) germicidal lights are used to kill microorganisms in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, barber shops and at the Nation’s Center for Disease Control.

UVC has extremely low penetrating ability and is nearly completely absorbed by the outer, dead layer of skin where it does little harm. The UVC energy attacks the organism’s DNA and either destroys it immediately or prevents it from reproducing. U.V. technology can also eliminate hidden odors.

The UVC light can be used for disinfecting water, destroy harmful organisms in other liquids, foods, and in the air. The UVC technology can possibly destroy 99.99% of all the pathogens in seconds.

Upgrade your Air Filter for a better and fresher and healthier home. Caloosa Cooling has several types of air filters with various efficiencies to clean the air at home. We can give you the same type of filter that is used in hospitals and laboratories to ensure your family’s health and safety. We recommend installing the Gulf Breeze disposable polyester filter and frame.

Caloosa Cooling supplies air quality filters throughout Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Southwest Florida. Call us at 239-226-0202. We are happy to serve you in a fast and satisfaction guaranteed service. We also provide Aircon Replacement and Installation, Aircon Repair, Annual Maintenance, and Heating systems. We offer 24-hour service for emergency situations with Caloosa Cooling you can count on us!
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