Explosive all star defense skills (explosive 20 NFL skills)

Posted February 29, 2020 by BWithinterh

Defense is one aspect of Madden that is often overlooked. Defensive players rarely get all the glory, offensive game style only has more choices.

Defense is one aspect of Madden that is often overlooked. Defensive players rarely get all the glory, offensive game style only has more choices. But with more choice and adjustment, defense strategy must be inseparable to close the all-round development of offensive players. This is our defense technique:

As with offensive games, please enable the enhanced game call option before the game starts. More options can help you develop your strategy.

-Keeping the trigger right before spiking will bring out the game technique. Here, you can see the range of assault, area and human defense.

-Play with men? Make sure all recipients are covered by at least one defender.

-Don't worry about whether all the attacks are covered, you can change their roles in the game by pressing the triangle and defender buttons.

Madden 20 NFL skills
-Press the box to switch to another defensive game by voice (a list of the option games will be provided).

-If you have a blitz, the backcourt players will not get all the support they may need, remember that.

-When the quarterback throws the orb , press the circle to switch to the nearest available defender.

-Want to try to intercept? Hold down the triangle button and you can try to intercept it. Remember, it's always easier to try and stop / waste passes.

-Pressing the grid below will trap your player in the tackle, and you can get a stronger tackle by flicking the orb at the player with the right analog rocker, which may lead to failure.

-If your player is blocked by another player, press the button displayed on the screen to try to rotate.

Manage your roster

EA will update its roster of players as it becomes available, so please make sure your roster is up to date. To do this, go to the customize section and select Manage rosters, then select updated rosters. Here, you can see all the recent changes.

Overall Madden 20 NFL skills
Using the sprint button - interfering with the sprint button doesn't mean you'll be a better player. By sprinting, it's more likely to be solved or missed, so keep that in mind.

Using all possible control - defense can attack the orb in many ways, just as a quarterback can use many of the available moves to throw the orb .

Switch - when playing, make sure you have a comprehensive strategy. So many players get caught up in repetitive games that they end up losing to opponents who notice the situation.

Pay attention to football - every new Madden seems to make it more and more difficult to play. However, make sure you hone this skill by adding up the points gained (or not gained) by kicking.

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