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Posted June 26, 2017 by BrianJMiller

When looking through flooring options, not many people think about floating cork floors and some might find it even unusual. However, through time, it has become a very popular option

When looking through flooring options, not many people think about floating cork floors and some might find it even unusual. However, through time, it has become a highly popular option for many homeowners and even business owners choose to invest in it. There are several advantages that arise from using cork floors, and those looking for the best vinyl plank flooring are in for a surprise. Once one gets to know all the benefits, they will reconsider the options.

Each person looks for something different when it comes to flooring, with some paying more attention to durability, while others to aesthetics, insulation and such. Walking on floating cork floors is very comfortable, as the material is much softer than hardwood floors. People notice instantly how bouncy and cushion-like the floor is, especially those who have to stand for long periods of time or simply by those who want to feel more comfort while walking inside the house. Cork absorbs shocks, being ideal for homes with the elderly or children, as the risk of injuries when falling is reduced.

Floating cork floors have been used for many years in order to insulate rooms from sound and low temperatures. They hold heat inside the property, making it more comfortable in colder periods of time. At the same time, sound transfer is prevented leading to a quieter space. There will not find such benefits elsewhere and there are many aspects to consider. In time, all floors get damaged especially if they are not maintained properly. Even the best vinyl plank flooring will be vulnerable to damages at a certain point. However, the great benefit is that cork flooring can be renewed and given a new finish every three to seven years depending on usage.

To restore the original appearance of floating cork floors, the floors can be refinished through sanding. By giving it a final coat, you will have the floor looking just like new. Even when scratches or dents appear, the material has a natural characteristic of bouncing back, so most of the marks will fade away with time. If you are thinking about protecting the environment and choosing a sustainable floor, you can rest assured that cork flooring is the best option. The material is harvested from the bark of oak trees, meaning they are not cut down and the material itself is renewable.

There are many aspects to consider and there are several flooring options that do stand out from the rest. In the end, all that matters what you need the most and what you want to put decide on. For some, the best vinyl plank flooring works best and there are many providers that will assure high-quality materials that can easily be installed in any property, in any room. It is always beneficial to get familiar with the different flooring types, learn more about them and see what are their plus sides.

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