What is Plant activator protein and its characteristics

Posted May 26, 2020 by Bonnibelle

Protein pesticide is a new type of biological pesticide, non-toxic and residue-free, and is environmentally friendly

Protein pesticide is a new type of biological pesticide, non-toxic and residue-free, and is environmentally friendly; it is a heat-stable protein derived from fungi or bacteria. Its molecular weight is 35-68KD. It is composed of proteins of different sizes and can induce and activate plants. Resistance to pests and diseases, regulating plant growth and metabolism system, promoting plant growth, increasing crop yield and improving crop quality.

By interacting with plant surface receptor proteins, it can induce plant signal transduction, activate a series of plant metabolic regulation reactions, thereby making plants resistant to pests and diseases, promoting plant growth, improving crop quality, and increasing crop yield. For the mechanism of action of this type of protein pesticides, it is internationally believed that after being applied to plants, this type of protein first binds to the receptor protein on the surface of the plant, and the receptor protein of the plant activates the plant body after receiving the signal transmission of the activated protein A series of metabolic reactions promote the synthesis of salicylic acid and jasmonic acid in plants, and then synthesize phytoprotectin and other disease-related proteins through the salicylic acid or jasmonic acid pathway to achieve disease resistance and pest control.

After treatment with protein pesticides, the contents of proline, peroxidase, and root dehydrogenase in the plant have increased. These enzymes are directly related to plant stress resistance. Activating protein can activate and induce these enzymes to enhance their activity, which means that the plant's resistance to diseases and insects and stress resistance is enhanced.

Characteristics of protein pesticides

Safety: The active ingredient of activated protein is an active protein extracted from fungi, non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free.

High efficiency: Activating protein is a kind of protein with extremely high activity, and the dosage of active ingredient of biological protein per acre is 24-36mg

Economics: Field crops increase by more than 5%, fruits, vegetables and cash crops increase by more than 10-20%.

Convenient: The method of use is simple, including seed treatment, spraying, root irrigation and soaking.

Broad-spectrum: It has a good effect of increasing yield and income and preventing diseases and insects of various vegetables and fruits.

Resistance: It can activate the plant's own defense system and enhance the plant's ability to resist diseases and insects.

The mechanism of action of protein pesticides

Promote the growth of plant roots and improve soil fertilizer utilization

Promote cell elongation and division, increase yield, improve fruit development, improve quality.

Promote pollen fertilization, increase fruit setting rate and seed setting rate

Increase chlorophyll content and enhance photosynthesis.

Improve plant physiology and metabolism, enhance resistance to diseases and insects.

Functional performance of protein pesticides

Root promotion at seedling stage:

Used for seed treatment or spraying in the bed stage, it can obviously promote the growth of the root system of rice, wheat, corn, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, rape and other crops. The fresh weight of the root system is increased by 5-11% and the dry weight is increased by 8% -13%. It is characterized by deep roots and luxuriant seedlings.

Promotes growth during the nutrition period:

It has the dual function of promoting cell division and elongation, can increase the content of chlorophyll in the leaves, enhance photosynthesis and increase products. The crops showed deeper leaf color, increased leaf area, leaf hypertrophy, and regular growth.

Promoting fruit during reproductive period:

It can increase the germination rate and fertilization rate of pollen, thereby increasing the seed setting rate and fruit setting rate; especially the improvement of the weak parts; the grain number and grain weight of the mature stage of the crop are increased, and the fruits and melons are uniform and improved. product quality.

Disease and insect resistance:

Regulate the metabolism in the plant, activate the plant's own defense system, so as to achieve the purpose of disease and insect resistance.


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