Use cork for soundproofing floors, not vinyl planks

Posted August 15, 2017 by benanderson

Cork has natural acoustic properties. It doesn’t need any separate backing to be engineered into the material to make it soundproof, including the best vinyl plank

Cork has natural acoustic properties. It doesn’t need any separate backing to be engineered into the material to make it soundproof, including the best vinyl plank flooring. Hence cork is a better option for soundproofing floors. A simple comparative study will tell you why you should choose cork and not vinyl to make your living spaces free from noise, both from within the house as well as outside it.

Soundproofing material
Nature has gifted cork with its insulating and soundproofing qualities. There are air pockets in cork which makes possible for it to block sound vibrations and prevent the wave from travelling freely. So, if you’re planning to create a comfortable ambiance with privacy kept intact, cork should be your choice of building material for walls and floors.

In comparison, vinyl requires artificial engineering to get acoustic features. Using a material which is naturally endowed with acoustic qualities is definitely a much better option. Moreover, the use of more chemicals will only add to the level of toxic elements already present in vinyl. There is no need to add more poison to the air that you will breathe within the comfort of your home. Cork has no off-gassing troubles. Research indicates that exposure to chemical vapors or dust particles of vinyl flooring can be harmful for your health. Soundproofing floors with cork will save you from all this.

Installation cost of soundproof floors
Soundproof vinyl floors are specially made after backing vinyl plank with acoustic material. If you wish to make your house soundproof by using vinyl planks then the cost will go up. Whereas when you install cork floors, there is no need to additional treatments to the floor because cork can reduce sound travel from one level to another, naturally. Though vinyl is superior to thick carpeting, underlays and expensive floor treatments but it loses out to fusion cork planks. Fusion cork has laminate properties without the use of vinyl and effective in soundproofing. And, cork being the most reasonable option, there cannot be any doubt about choosing it over the best vinyl plank flooring.

We look for a cozy and warm feeling when we are home. The walls and floors along with the furnishings and décor add up to render a charm to any space in your house. Though vinyl flooring can be soundproof and smart, available in numerous shades, but it doesn’t quite match up to the natural elegance of cork. Being the bark of a tree, cork can give a natural hue and tone to the entire space which is unparalleled. You may not get a palette of artificial shades, you will get beautiful browns and caramels with unique mixes of greys. It is difficult to ascertain all the shades since none of the colors in cork are artificially processed.

Soundproofing floors by using cork wall and floor planks or fusion cork is a better alternative than the best vinyl plank flooring on account of the above points. Cost, health, environment, aesthetics, material – cork is beneficial from all these perspectives.

Resource Box: A great way for ( ) soundproofing floors naturally is to avoid ( ) best vinyl plank flooring and choose fusion cork as a cost effective, safe and aesthetically appealing alternative.
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