What is Link Building?

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SEO Services involves enhancing the visibility of the website in the index of the search engine so that the website earns more web traffic than what it was doing earlier.

15th July 2011 - If a website or website owner hasn’t heard of SEO Services and how it can help his/her website reach the top rankings of the search engines results page then they are little behind the time.
However, it is not surprising to hear a number of website owners never having heard of SEO or link building and this is because it is much easier to create a website (get it created) but more difficult to actually learn regarding the nuances with which the web traffic can be enhanced.
SEO involves optimizing a website in terms of coding and content so that it can come in higher results of the search engines when their related keyword is put in the algorithm.
There are different aspects of SEO and it mostly depends on onsite and offsite optimization.
The onsite optimization involves changing in the coding and enhancing the content with the keywords so that the crawlers can reach the website easily. The second part of optimization, the offsite one, is also termed as link building.
The crawlers of search engines don’t depend on the richness or the number of keywords to decide whether it should be placed higher or lower in the rankings. This factor is mainly affected by the links pointing towards that site.
The links pointing towards the website come as a sort of appraisal or testimonial of the fact that there are websites which appreciate the content and are ready to host it so that their users can also check the data.
Link Building links can be done in a number of ways but most developing websites offer to share the link with other websites in which they host the other links and other websites host the sharer’s link.
This way, both the websites are enjoying the benefits of link enhancing. After the website has become more popular, the newer websites would clamor to put up the link for free or for single sharing so as to enhance their popularity slowly.
The user can also create multiple sites regarding different subtopics and ensure that there are links pointing to each other as it also enhances the ranking of both the sites.
Another thing which can be done to build links is by creating intra site links. Ensuring that the most important content of the site has link pointing towards it from inside the site would ensure that the ranking of that webpage is high.
Due to this reason a lot of SEO consultants include links of the main or home page in all the pages of the site in order to enhance the result of the main page.
This method of SEO is one of the main tools which are in hands of the company or the website owner to control because after the links have been built, the rest of the work depends on the search engine.
Some sites try to make fake web pages with links pointing towards their main site but this form of link building is considered to be inorganic or illegal and search engines ban websites for using this method.
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