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Posted April 5, 2019 by anjalikohli

Vastu is a branch of Vedic Astrology which deals to bring prosperity and harmony in peoples life by making auspicious buildings and some adjustments. It can play a pivotal role in people’s life by making even a minor adjustment in home structure.

Vastu is not a magic but living in harmony with nature. Popularly called Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science contains principles to ensure a harmonious balance between man and nature thereby brining pleasure, health, wealth and success. It is a Sanskrit word which also means constructing or furnishing a house in such a manner so that it maintains a balance between the man and nature. This word is originated thousands of years ago in ancient India and very important role in Indian Astrology. People used to dependent on the elements of nature to fulfill all their basic needs. It is the old principal of home management which means constructing or furnishing a house in such way so that it maintains a right balance between the man and nature. Therefore the principles of the building science lay down during ancient days based purely on the effects of elements of nature.

It is our misfortune that time passed only the superstition filtered down the generations, while the actual theory eluded in the world. All the ancient doctrines of Vastu are not been able to applicable in the present scenario. Some of the principles particularly show a strong social bias, which was appropriate to the social structure which existed at that time have certainly lost their credibility today.

What really we need to keep in our mind is to recognize it as a logical science which has nothing to do with caste and creed. Undoubtedly a home that is built and decorated as per Vastu brings happiness, prosperity and wealth. So if you really wish to make this happen in your life then always follow Vastu in your life.
If you want to make your home perfect then you need to take care of colours too. Colours are nothing but lights of myriad frequencies and wavelengths. Every colour is very important and has a kind of radiation and so, colours used for home do have a profound influence on people life and atmosphere. Very significant things such as decision making, exuberance, peace and vibrancy can be manipulated by the right use of colours. Often known as ancient science Vastu gives precise guidelines about use of colours depending on the directional aspect and usage pattern of the room.

Here we wish to quote the significance of some colours that may add value in your life. Colour of peace, white colour is a good colour to be used in the east and northwest while towards the west, blue is good. Green is recommended for north, pink and coral red for south, different shades of green for northeast, different shades of brown for southwest and silver is perfect for southeast.

According to Vastu your bedroom should also be in appropriate direction. A master bedroom has to be located in the southwest corner of the house. The bedroom should be located on the topmost floor, if the house is duplex or split level. Southwest is the direction of earth, which in turn means weight and happiness. We cannot relate Vastu with any magic but it only suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature so that we can healthy and peaceful and work efficiently.

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