Let's Ban Plastic from our lives to save Next Generation

Posted October 10, 2019 by anirbansarkar

Anirban Sarkar talks about Plastic Ban and its advantages in long run. Sarkar joins the debate on NewsX

With Prime Minister rolling out the best idea to eradicate single-use plastics by the year 2022, we should now work towards the movement seriously. It’s not because any politician or the leader of our nation says so, it should be aimed towards providing a better and sustainable future for generations coming.

Well, there is not a complete ban on the use of plastic but the mission is focused on eliminating the use of plastic. But are we working on the alternative mediums that could work as plastic; serve the purpose and save the environment as well?

Setting up a target as the year 2022 is okay but we should work on a roadmap to reduce plastic use. We need to make systems to achieve our objectives and work towards them. It’s not easy to ban plastic usage in midnight and hence we need to find alternatives in the meantime.

When compared the usage of plastic by the region, both rural and urban citizens are responsible equally. But, the rural population in Indian is higher than the urban areas hence, we need to aware these people about the harms caused by plastic and its waste.

One thing we can start doing is banning the plastic at its root i.e. the production stage. We need to stop manufacturing single usage plastic but while doing so, we need to make sure that the employees engaged in these factories and production facilities must be migrated to some other employment opportunities.

The most important measure we as the citizens can do is, following a strict control on ourselves and refraining our close ones from using the single-use plastic products including polythenes and other stuff. Rather, every citizen needs to feel it from inside that plastic will destroy our environment and it won’t be good for the generations to come.

The major portion of plastic recycle was handled by China but today, they have also denied to recycle the plastic and hence, we need to recycle the current plastics and put it to good use.

According to Anirban Sarkar, going back to roots is one of the best options to get over the plastic use reduction. While Indians have been using many alternatives for plastic since the ages, research and development are needed for the same. Finding alternatives to plastic is not that hard but the whole nation should welcome them in the right manner.
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Last Updated October 10, 2019