Electric Lighters Are Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

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Stylish lighters have been a defining feature for both men and women on a night out, but now, with electric lighters, you can add to your wardrobe and enhance your green image.

Stylish lighters have been a defining feature for both men and women on a night out, but now, with electric lighters, you can add to your wardrobe and enhance your green image. Electric lighters are energy efficient and use two crossed arcs of electricity to rapidly ignite cigarettes, cigars, candles, paper, or anything else you can think of!. They are the perfect weather-proof lighter as they never blow out (wind-proof), and still work great in rain (splash-proof), and they are also great fun to use. Electric lighters are handy, safe and extremely functional. The body of the best electric lighters (like ZEUS Lighters’ range) is made of superior premium-grade zinc alloy, a very durable material.
No Gas, No Flame
The Singapore Electric Lighter’s dual-arcs lights things up within seconds. The lighter does not form any flame and is much safer than its conventional butane-based counterparts. There is no requirement for any gas or chemical consumption or refills for functionality . It is 100% wind proof and is completely safe to use. The heat that is produced by the lighter is also consistent and effective.
Energy Efficient Lighters
The use of liquid based lighters is not environment friendly and consumes heaps of energy. To maximize the usage of the conventional lighters, you will need to refill them with butane. The electric lighters are convenient because they are rechargeable. Electric lighters can be charged using a regular micro USB cable. A two-hour charge can produce up to 500 lights. It can be also charged anytime at your own convenience, when paired with a portable USB charger. Being a reusable product, you will help the world reduce its waste and conserve more energy when you buy a ZEUS Lighter.
Benefits of Usage
The best part of Singapore plazmatic lighter is the use of pair of electric beams which do not blow out from weather factors like strong wind or rain. It can (and has been) utilised in the middle of storms and gales. By pushing the ignition, the electric current moves to different nodes. The node air is ionised and emits a surprisingly high degree of heat, ‘lighting up’ anything it touches.
The best lighters, such as ZEUS Lighters, are extremely durable and are engineered with a tough exterior zinc alloy material. The lighter consists of powerful lithium-ion battery that gives it numerous lights (up to 500!). It is also great for lighting wide range of products like candles, incense, rope, wicks etc.
The electric lighters are cost effective as they save you from purchasing liquid refills or chewing up thousands of disposable lighters. Better yet, they help contribute to a sustainable future, and look great as an accessory while on the town. The high quality and sturdy material body of the lighter makes it ideal for long time usage. If you want an accessory that will get you noticed, save you money, and be eco-friendly, as well as being far more practical than its flame-based counterparts, electric lighters are what you are looking for, and the way of the future.

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