How to Feed Your Guinea Pig Properly with Timothy Hay!

Posted September 22, 2020 by AnaBrenda

Taking care of a guinea pig is not easy. It has many needs that you need to take care of. And the first and most one is to feed him the food that it needs to be healthy.

Taking care of a guinea pig is not easy. It has many needs that you need to take care of. And the first and most one is to feed him the food that it needs to be healthy. It is not enough to buy any type of pet food. A guinea pig has some special needs. One of them is a diet that must contain fiber. And the best alternative is timothy hay. It also has other needs that you need to take care of. You need to wash it regularly to keep it clean. And you also need to cut its nail and fur. For its fur, you should not use human clippers because they may harm it. But you can safely use dog clippers.

If you want to keep a guinea pig as a pet, then you should visit a vet or a pet nutritionist. And get a professional diet plan that will ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients that it needs. This will ensure that your guinea pig will have a long lifespan and a happy life. Taking care of a pet will not only make you more responsible. But if you make it happy, then your mood will also get happier.

Benefits That Your Pet Will Get from Timothy Hay!

As mentioned above, one of the best components in a guinea pig’s diet is timothy hay . It will provide several benefits that will not only improve the life of your pet. But it will also make you enjoy the time spent playing and taking care of it more.
• Energy. The fiber in this type of hay will regulate the digestion of your pet. This will ensure that it has a constant level of energy during the day. It will be more energetic and playful. So, you will be able to enjoy your time spent playing with it. You do not want to have a pet without the energy that plays dead while you want to play with it.
• Healthy fur. Another benefit that you can expect from feeding your guinea pig with hay is healthier fur. Not only will it become stronger and will shine better. But it will also become fluffier. Petting your guinea pig will become much more fun than before. And it will also be easier to use dog clippers and trim its fur as well. Be it washing or trimming, it will become an easy task.
• Happy mood. With more energy and more activity, your pet will also be happier. Keep in mind that ensuring the happiness of your pet is your responsibility, and it depends on you to ensure that your pet always stays happy. Moreover, if your pet is happy, your mood will also improve. And this will be very helpful when you are in a bad mood.

Other means through which you can ensure that your pet is happy is to take care of its other needs. As mentioned above, you need to wash and clean it regularly. And you also need to trim its nails and fur. But you may need some special supplies to do this properly.

Why Should You Use Dog Clippers for Your Guinea Pig?

Using human clippers on fur is not recommended. There is a big difference between hair and fur. Due to this difference, there is a risk of harming your guinea pig while trimming it. Also, the noise made by the human clippers will easily scare your pet, and it will be very hard to make him stay unmoved to be trimmed. The good news is that there is a solution. You can use dog clippers to trim its fur. Luckily the fur of a guinea pig and that of a dog is similar. And there is no problem to use the same type of clippers for both of them.

The frequency of trimming the fur of your guinea pig depends on the season. And the temperature that you maintain in the house. If it’s colder, then you should reduce the trimming frequency and let your pet keep a longer fur. You do not want it to freeze, or even to feel cold during the day or the night. But if its summer, then you can trim more of his hair and do it with a higher frequency. This will help him be cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Of course, if the temperature in your house is maintained at the same level during the year. You do not need to follow the season anymore.
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