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Posted August 8, 2021 by AnaBrenda

The usefulness of dog crates and dog cages is one of the biggest controversies that you will find between pet owners.

The usefulness of dog crates and dog cages is one of the biggest controversies that you will find between pet owners. Many dog owners strongly disagree with the use of these tools. And the main argument that they have is that the mental health of a dog will be negatively affected by these tools. But is their argument valid? Well, it depends.

It is true that if you do not know how to properly use these tools, then your pet's mental health may suffer. But that happens only if you do not properly use them. If you take your time to learn and use the method mentioned in this article, then you will be able to safely use both tools for your pet. Keep in mind that these tools can be very helpful when used properly. And they not only do not cause mental health problems, but they can prevent many physical injuries for your pet. There are 3 things that you can expect to learn from this article:

• What is the proper use of these tools?
• How to train your pet to use the dog cages and crates.
• Where can you find the best pet supplies?

What Is the Proper Use of Dog Crates?

The first thing that you need to know is the proper usage of dog crates and dog cages. As mentioned above, these are not tools meant to torture your pet. Their invention has a clear goal of being beneficial for your pet. But you can do that only if you properly use them. And the first thing you must learn is the proper use of both tools.

The crates are made, and you should use them only if you need to leave your pet alone in the house for several hours. It can be quite dangerous for a dog to remain alone in the house. You never know if he provokes some accidents. If that happens, your pet may be hurt and your house may suffer some damage as well. So, it is better to keep your pet in a big and comfortable crate for its safety.

The main goal of using cages is quite similar. But they are used to make sure that your pet is safe while you travel and can’t always keep an eye on it. For example, if you want to take your dog on a trip in the car, but there is no one else that can take care of it, then you should use a cage to make sure that your pet does not harm itself in any way.

How to Properly Train Your Pet to Use Dog Crates

Now that you know the importance and goals of using tools such as dog crates and dog cages, you need to know how to properly use them. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you do not properly use these tools, then the risk that your pet’s mental health will suffer is significant. But to eliminate this risk, then you need to train your pet. The hardest part is the training for using crates. For cages, if the time you keep your pet locked is small enough, then you won’t have a hard time training it.

There are 3 steps that proper training for crates should contain. And if you follow these steps, then you will be able to easily train your pet. But keep in mind that the training period can be quite big. And you need to spend the required time on this process. The steps you must follow are:

• Make your pet enter the crate by itself.
• Stay and interact with it while it is in the beginning.
• Start with a small period and slowly extend it.

The most important part of the training is to not force your pet into the crate. If you simply move its food and water there, then it will go in by itself. And then you can lock the crate. It is essential to properly follow the second step. In the begging, while your pet is locked, you must interact with it and make sure he does not feel punished while it stays locked. But after your pet becomes comfortable in the crate, you can leave it alone for short periods while slowly extending the period. After your pet is trained for crates, then you will not even need to train it for cages if the locking period is small enough.

Where Can You Find the Best Dog Cages and Crates?

The last thing that you need to know is where you can find the best dog cages and dog crates. But firstly, you need to know the types of tools that you need. The most important factor that you need to consider is the size of the tools. You need to make sure that the crate is big enough for your pet to feel comfortable while it stays inside it. Even the cage should have a reasonable size. Your dog must be able to enter it comfortably without forcing itself.

Only after you found out the right sizes of the tools, you can start worrying about quality and price. And now, you need to find a reliable online shop. There you will find the best supplies that your pet needs in the shortest time possible and for a reasonable price. But how can you find this type of shop? All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

The first step you need to take is to use the internet through a search engine and find all the available shops in your city. The next part is to make the difference between the top shops and the mediocre ones. And for that, you will need to spend a few minutes on each shop and check some reviews and online reputation. And lastly, you need to check the top shops and find the ones that sell all the types of supplies that you will need for your pet.
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