CPD Courses through Online Learning for CDR, KA02, and RPL Applicants

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Continuing Professional Development(CPD) is a significant part of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) , Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Report for IPENZ New Zealand.

Continuing Professional Development or CPD is a significant part of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia (EA), Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Report for IPENZ New Zealand. CPD demonstrates the learning activities of Engineers and ICT professionals that they undertake after their graduation. These activities are important to keep Engineers & ICT professionals updated with new methodologies, developments, and latest techniques relevant to their discipline. Online courses can be taken from various platforms, including; Open2study, Coursera, Khan Academy, Lynda.com, Udemy, Udacity, Codecademy, Bloc, Iversity, Skillshare, General Assembly, edX, etc.
Often Engineers ignore this part of CDR, KA02, and RPL applications and failed to produce strong CPD which ultimately result in failure of their skill assessment. Professional team of ReviewMyCDR is working all the way to provide you complete guidance over each element of CDR, KA02, and RPL. This article is written to provide you guideline, which will help you in selecting right courses matching your discipline. There are different courses and trainings available online in diverse field of Engineering, Business, ICT, Software and others which you can select according to your interest.

CPD is an important part of any skill assessment to demonstrate the continuous learning efforts after graduation. It is expected that CPD report is formatted in such a way to demonstrate the title of the activity, clear starting and dates, duration, and venue where the activity/ training was conducted. For details regarding what should be included in CPD, please visit CPD Sample

ReviewMyCDR made an effort in this regard and compiled few online platforms who provide different learning activities that will help Engineers, Software & ICT professionals to strengthening their CPD.


Open2Study is an Australian site which offers free courses to everyone globally, with a massive range of contents available. You can study your topics related to Business, Engineering, Computer, Software Engineering and have the choice to complete evaluation within a given timeline in order to get a certificate. This site works very well on search engines of all sizes and offers content from top Australian Universities. Majority of the courses can be completed by spending two hours per week over four weeks. CDR, KA02 and RPL applicants can easily attend these courses to record in their CPD.


Coursera is the one of the greatest names in the globe of online education. It has affiliated with foremost universities in the US and across the world to offer online courses wrapping lots of diverse contents. In recent times, they presented “specialization” which is based on ten unique course pathways that will proceed to an official accreditation from an affiliated University. As Coursera honour itself on being available and has a huge range of accessible contents to anyone which are either free or very economical. Coursera courses are suitable for CDR, RPL and KA02 applicants to be recorded in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a big name site and delivering an entirely free collection of educational micro-lectures. They also create search engines for new knowledge with great experience. Khan Academy focused on more traditional academic topics and delivers a mix of text based material and videos related to science, economics, maths and a bit computer programming. Additionally, they also offer mobile app, creating it simple to study on the go. Khan Academy is open for everyone, you just browse a desired lecture and you can learn instantly. Khan Academy’s courses are suitable for Engineers and ICT professionals and can be recorded in CPD for CDR, KA02, and RPL applicants.


Lynda.com is an eminent online learning forum that assists everyone learns software, technology, business and productive skills to attain personal and master goals. Lynda.com delivers flexible, cost-effective team memberships for school, business and government organization. This is a great option for individual, business, academic and government member to have an access of more than 80,000 video collection of captivating excellent courses taught by renowned experts. Most of Lynda’s courses are related to ICT and suitable to be recorded in the CPD for KA02 and RPL applicants.


Udemy is a leading marketplace for teaching and learning online where learners are grasping fresh skills and attaining their goals by learning from a wide-ranging collection of more than 55,000 courses taught by professional mentors. Udemy is a bit costly than its rivals, as its costs varies from $10 to $500. Udemy is more suitable for ICT professionals who can attend online courses from Udemy and record them in their CPD to boost their Knowledge Assessment (KA02) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application.


Udacity is a forum with a robust focus on technology. This is short but well-executed collection of courses. Particularly, if you are seeing to disrupt into data science and this package has a remarkable list of mentors from corporations such as Facebook and Salesforce. The pricing structure of Udacity permits you to pay once-a-month for your courses. Udacity provide you flexibility in terms of taking course like if you drop the course before completing it, you just pay up to that point rather than the entire fee. Udacity is offering most of the courses related to computer and beneficial for those candidates applying for KA02 and RPL to assess their qualifications through IPENZ and ACS.


Codecademy is regarded as an online communicating platform that delivers free online coding classes in twelve diverse programming languages including; Python, PHP, Ruby, etc. Codecademy influences learners to retain a reckless pace using loyal groups and a gamified point systems. Codecademy is very helpful to get CPD courses for those Knowledge Assessment (KA02) applicants who have ICT background and want to assess their qualification from IPENZ New Zealand. RPL applicants who wants to assess their qualification from Australian Computer Society can also get benefited from this platform.


Bloc is considered as more intensive choice for those who desire to learn speedily. This involves complete data-driven programs that prepare learners for the next career. Basically, it is designed for beginners who are focused on results. This highly organized program runs for 25 hours per week of more than various months. Bloc is very helpful to get CPD courses for RPL and Knowledge Assessment (KA02) applicants who have ICT background and want to assess their qualification from Australian Computer Society (ACS) and IPENZ New Zealand.


Iversity is truly a new competitor, having just exploded in European and global Universities to offer academic free online courses. Iversity course platform includes interesting collection for everyone. It also offers courses in German and other languages and is a great way to merge your language learning, if you are trying to grasp an European linguistic. Iversity courses are beneficial for RPL applicants who wants to assess their qualification through Australian Computer Society (ACS).


Skillshare is an online learning community marketplace for fresh skills. Many classes where everyone can discover, take, or even teach at a cost of around $20-$30 by industry experts. Most of the Skillshare courses focus on interaction than lecturing with a key goal of learning by ending a project. Main types of learning include; design, entrepreneurship, technology, creative arts, business, etc. Skillshare courses are beneficial for RPL applicants who wants to assess their qualification through Australian Computer Society (ACS).

General Assembly

General Assembly is regarded as key to the world skill gap. It promotes a top trained community of individuals and businesses through education and planned career networks. They deliver pioneering training for enduring learning and success in the desirable fields of contemporary rapidly changing technological economy. In 2011, General Assembly started as a co-working space and have since developed into a world learning experience with campuses in 20 cities with more than 35,000 graduates all over the world. They deliver award-winning, vital training to close the World Skills Gap. Most of their courses are related to Business and ICT and suitable for Engineer and Computer professionals who want to assess their qualification through RPL, CDR, and KA02 pathway.


edX is an online learning point, offering excellent courses from the World’s first class Universities and organizations to learners ubiquitously. edX is established by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. Open edX is the open source platform that commands edX courses and is easily accessible. Mentors can shape learning tools and add new elements to the forum. edX make innovative solutions to assist learners all over the World. edX is offering interesting courses for Engineers, Business and ICT professionals which are helpful for Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), Knowledge Assessment (KA02), and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applicants.

Our highly experienced and professional report writers of CDR, KA02, and RPL will provide ultimate guidance which will lead you towards a successful outcome for Skill Assessment. For further Assistance regarding Continued Professional Development (CPD) for EA, IPENZ, and ACS, and other please
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